Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cover Reveal for The Hekapolis Trilogy #2. Experiment


A betrayal, the Akelarre, a birth, a funeral, a that order.

Gabrielle is enjoying her first real boyfriend. Her new family is supportive, but her college friends, especially Tess, think she is going to get her heartbroken by the campus "Petri Dish".
Gabrielle knows his reputation as a womanizer is an exaggeration- knowing a human, in the biblical sense, means madness or death for any wizard. This sadly includes her and -even though William can do feats with his tongue worthy of an R version of Cirque do Soleil- her desire for him keeps growing to the point of almost causing a disaster for the young couple.
Their situation becomes even more trying when Samantha, shielded by the Wizard's redemption laws, ensures her residency with the Wyseman for as long as she is paying for her crimes. And she is not afraid to use all her seduction repertoire to try to win her fiancé back. Gabrielle contemplates the possibility that William might fall out of love with her. Pondering this predicament, William, Maggie and her prepare Gabrielle for her first visit to Hekapolis for the Akelarre, and given that Samantha is banned from the city she is glad to take a break from the competition.
The sanctuary of witches is a paradise of broom races, dragon riders, winged horses, unicorns and people of all backgrounds trading spells and potions with their family and friends from the seven corners of the world.
During the festivities, Gabrielle meets gorgeous Mitali -William's best friend- and she discovers there is a romantic past between them. Shocked by this, Mitali eases her fears by offering her a chance to use her magical gifts so that she and William can have a full physical relationship at last.
But the offer comes with a warning from her new friend: "Once I reveal my potion, you will have to choose between giving yourself to William in body, mind and soul...Or breaking up with him..."
Gabrielle will battle more internal demons and will receive the help of an unlikely ally to figure out her future with William.

If you are interested in a free ARC please sent an email with your name to
I just have a few copies available, so first come first serve.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Amy and Sheldon. Dissection of a perfect kiss

I know I haven't been working on my Big Bang Theory posts but I had been so busy with the book that is hard to find time to comment and recap. But this milestone is too amazing not to write about. SHELDON KISSED AMY! 
It took me totally for surprise. Traditionally TBBT Valentine's day are about Penny and Leonard. Later they split 'couples screen time” with Howard and Bernadette. And of course Raj and sometimes Stuart lack of love life gets showcased. Whatever was left was usually a mix of Amy wants more closeness from Sheldon and gets frustrated but eventually they reach middle ground and that was Valentine's day for the show. Not bad but not that exciting after a while. 
This one, surprisingly, was all about Shamy and it was perfect. This kiss was so amazing because the foundation for it has been laid down for a long time. Ever since Amy started to develop a physical attraction for Sheldon, and he has been slowly catching up to her. 
We had gotten hints of things to come for a while now. The Amy's spanking was one of them. Even though it was one sided the first time. it evolved to something more significant once Sheldon got drunk at Thanksgiving. He actually slapped Amy spontaneously like her dad used to do to his mother when he was watching a game. 
We kind of forget that even though Sheldon never actually had a relationship before, he has seen the dynamics of one on his parents since he was young. I find very believable that he is slowly recalling all this events in his subconscious thanks to his interaction with Amy. Amy also had a moment fantasizing of him kissing her, another hint of the kiss coming this season.
But now let's talk about the episode that will live in TV history forever. The setting was the usual: Sheldon doesn't want to do anything on Valentine's day because he is not into that. Amy finds a way to convince him using one of the things he finds the most enjoyable: Trains. She brings him the comfort of trusted friends so he won't feel offended by random strangers. When she lays down her plan, Sheldon is so pleased with her ideas that he mentions that he has a desire to hug her. 
Even though the moment passes and Amy ends up frustrated as usual, is remarkable that it was Sheldon the one that expressed this desire. Foreshadowing that he is indeed growing more comfortable with affectionate touch towards his girlfriend. 
As a slightly side note. Is also very interesting that Leonard mentioned to Penny that they could 'do it' in Sheldon's spot. She called it the least sexy thing anyone had said to her but then I wonder: Is that a hint of where Amy and Sheldon will eventually engage in coitus? I mean it makes total sense since this is his spot, the most comfortable place in the house for him and also the most personal. That will be in character, IMO. If it happens I totally called it :p 
The interaction that led to the kiss is very special. Amy is feed up with Sheldon paying more attention to his new friend instead of spending time with her like she planned. She finally calls him on how rude he is being. I love her choice of words here“I deserve romance” 
For the longest time there had been assumptions that the only reason Amy puts up with Sheldon's lack of affection is because she thinks she cannot do better. In a previous episode, when she had the chance to try something with someone else I think it showed that even though Sheldon is far from perfect she loves him. Amy sincerely thinks that the good outweighs the bad on her boyfriend. She knows she deserves all those nice things she always wanted. And she knows now that she can have that with someone else, yet she still wants it from Sheldon. He is the man she desires, the man of her choice. Her relationship with him is coming from a personal conviction, intellectual admiration and strong attraction, no low self stem. 
In this scene she also owns the fact that she had no idea how to make him respond. And she decided to create a safe enjoyable experience, hoping for the best. Sheldon acknowledges, in his own way, that she does deserve some romance even though he finds it annoying and pointless. He could had easily go for making her feel bad about the setting or just leaving with his new friend. Instead he approaches of the situation with “Let's get this over with” which is very Sheldon of him. 
Sheldon takes previous steps that ended up in the kiss. He checks his mental list of “Romantic gestures” and remembers the wine. I not a coincidence that he takes Amy's cup: He is already comfortable with bodily fluids interactions with his lady love.  After taking a sip he is very open about how much he didn't liked the taste. He calls it “grape juice that burns!" with disgust. 
He then proceeds to give another step towards closeness. His mental list has staring in each other eyes, next. He misses the point of it by treating it as a staring contest and breaks it off as soon as he can because again he is not enjoying any of this. "You blinked I win". 
Next in his mental list is kissing. Of course he proceeds mechanically, pressing his lips on Amy probably waiting for the annoyance to hit it so he can move on. But then something unexpected happens: He is not annoyed, and you can see Jim playing this mental breakthrough masterfully, not only that is actually enjoyable for him. Instead of breaking it off he takes a step further inside Amy's personal space. But staying there is not enough,he craves more physical contact and places his hands on her hips. He is leading the kiss. Go, Sheldon Go!
Another dimension to the chemistry of our beloved couple is the fact that Amy doesn't try to touch Sheldon herself. She understands that Sheldon gets easily overwhelmed by physical contact and that trying to get more of him after he finally enjoys the kiss might be too much. Even though she clearly is struggling not to touch him she, and Amy matches Jim's performance here, rather lifts her hands to allow Sheldon stay in his comfort zone during the kiss. 
She recognizes that she enjoyed the kiss without making a big deal out of it. That keeps both of them in the moment and allows Sheldon to decide what to do next, in this case he asks her come with him. A perfect way to keep bonding with her by keeping her in proximity, wonderful ending to this moment. Kudos to all involved!
I saw some comments by people worried that Sheldon will lose his quirky weird charm but if anything I think it will add more quirks and charm to him. I'm looking forward to the relationship agreement amendment for physical intimacy. Maybe a weekly five second kiss, a one second hug once a month and hand holding in special occasions. 
I really think it was due time for this to happen and I hope this will open the doors for a lot of more intimacy in the unique Shamy way. Now to re watch that scene again! 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

TBBT.136.701. The Hofstadter Insufficiency

My favorite show is back!

We started with a bang as usual. Sheldon over active imagination making him dream Leonard getting eaten by a Kraken.
I always liked the way the show introduces special effects. Subtlety and enhancing a funny concept and this first episode delivered the visuals as usual.

I expected a predictable beginning of the season with Leonard pining away for Penny in the cold waters of the Arctic wishing he was back in sunny Southern California. Man I got served. Leonard is a scientist first and is a great break on his normal sort-of-there self, see him so into the whole culture of the job for a change. Nothing is more satisfactory than a group of your peers talking and laughing and sharing the same jokes. Leonard often times show little personality next to Penny. So it was nice watching him relaxed and enjoying himself. As much as I love Lenny I think often times a time apart does wonders for them.

I found a bit petty of Penny to expect Leonard to not have fun because they were apart. I guess it was a bit of trying to project her own feelings on the matter still she wants him to succeed and be happy, good thing it lasted little. Sheldon being petty about Leonard not missing him is business as usual.

I did liked that Sheldon opened to Penny about his secret and how much it hurts him  when Penny though nothing of it. Penny apologizing and hugging him broke the cutemeter. Well done show.

Raj was missing Lucy which I liked, but Lucy is not back which I didn't. I'm not sure how I feel about the romantic potential of Janine with Raj. I don't think they have chemistry and  Can you imagine a well adjusted mature and successful woman sharing Chinese food with the group? Yeah me neither, but this brought back my faith on TV series again, so who knows maybe they will surprise me again.

My favorite part for last.

Amy and Bernardette together sharing time and ideas and fighting with each other. Amy was excited to be the center of attention without actually implying that her feelings for Sheldon are just out of desperation. I like that when show takes its time to make it clear once in a while. Is true that this two girls came together almost by accident but slowly are growing closer. I do hope this is the beginning of more interactions surprising interactions.

I laughed my head off at the closing scene with Penny's shower scene, in that B-movie, BTW.

Overall great beginning, lots of promises and wonderful use of the already established relationships with a twist.

5 Bazingas out of 5!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I wrote a book!

I'm sorry for leaving the blog alone for so long but I was finishing up the last details of my book and I finally finished it! You will be able to download the book for FREE starting Monday October 7, until Wednesday October 9 HERE!:

Here is the blurb:

College sophomore Gabrielle Bridge is falling for the wrong guy. One would think a physics student would be smarter than that. In her defense though, he was wearing the most surprising disguise.
We meet our geek girl while she is plotting to win the Nobel prize one day. But with an absentee father and an alcoholic mother, she knows her chances are next to zero.
To achieve her goal she tries to recruit her current crush, the brilliant Toby Harker, as a partner. Sadly her big stupid mouth lands her pretty but dumb William Wyseman, instead. This unfortunate pairing though turns out to be enchanting -literally.
William is a wizard, magic is real.
There is a secret world hidden in plain sight, a world at war with Sekeem Soulless a sorcerer powerful enough to destroy it all.
William unable to beat him with his powers was posing as a science student to seek a human weapon to stop him. And turns out that Gabrielle might be what he needs: she is immune to magic.
William promises to help her prove to the world that witchcraft is real. The Nobel will be hers with this breakthrough. That is if they find out how to use her strange 'gift' before Sekeem kills her, with his own hands if magic won't do.
Gabrielle thinks she will learn the mysteries of magic. However, her most shocking discoveries are going to be about herself.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My baby came with the Endeavor

I was due in October 15 (My dad's birthday!) but my mother warned me, told me to monitor anything out of the ordinary. In her four pregnancies sometimes she didn't felt the labor pains until the last minute. I had my clothes packed and ready with me in every hospital visit from week thirty three just to make sure.
I wanted a natural birth and I even told my husband I was going to try and go without painkillers. He of course stared at me like I was insane and repeated what he told me many times during our courtship: “Bastow's boys come sideways and twisted like a pretzel, also our head size is hat sizes labels say one size fits most” I, of course, rolled my eyes trusting my Dominican genes will make this prophecy null and I will deliver naturally a beautiful mixed baby with ease and grace.
I lost my plug in the day nine or ten but nothing happened until the night of eleven. Around nine pm I though I broke water. Just a drip but I read, sometimes starts similarly. I should had gotten ready to go but since I didn't felt any pains I though I could watch the new episode of The Big Bang Theory before I headed to the hospital. I knew I how busy things will be with a newborn at home, so I might as well watch it before hand.
I know I'm insane.
Luckily after finishing the show's episode The Higgs Boson Observation and telling my husband I though I broke water. I took a quick shower and in less than fifteen minutes we arrived at the Kaiser Permanente hospital. I must add they did an excellent job. Great facilities, great treatment and great service. No complains at all.
My water didn't broke after all, but I did had contractions, which I didn't felt, so in normal situation I would had probably being sent home and told to wait for stronger ones and come back.
But oh the irony! They discovered the baby was breech. My husband didn't laughed but I'm sure he though about it.
Manually turn the baby from the outside was out of the question: My belly was too narrow. I wanted the natural birth mostly because I scar very ugly. Under the circumstances though, I was not going to mess with the way the baby wanted to come into this world out of vanity.
I was not amused about the C-Section

Anyhow, they scheduled my Cesarean the day after early morning because I I had a big dinner which is a risk in case I threw up, which I never do. Not even pregnant but doctor's orders. At seven the doctors checked on me and gave my husband a funny looking suit, with a protective hat. They gave me one too.
The procedure went quick and simple the pricked me with the needle in the back while I holding a pillow. Tested if I felt something in my back, when I said no they quickly tied me up in the operating table and put a curtain to cover my lower half. I was a bit disappointed I wanted to look at the process, but I though it was too late to ask. I did requested to take a look at the placenta afterwards. It resembled a giant kidney or liver. Didn't looked like something I would eat.
I felt some pulls and before I realized it they showed me a big head over the curtain with some blood in his nose. I knew I had a boy from the sonogram but my first though was “He looks pink!”
In DR is common for interracial couples to have pale and white kids but I didn't though they could come on crayola pink.
Still crying they put him on my chest, he immediately latched in my boob and started to suck from it like a shark devouring a seal.
I think that was the most I had seen him cry, ever. At least before he got sick (post for another day).
He was so beautiful and soft. I felt in love, a love I never knew before.
The same weekend the Endeavor made its way towards California Science Center. We had a TV in our room where we could see the local channels showing every movement of the shuttle coming home to our beautiful state.
It was so fun to watch people lining up and camping to see it pass and how the news reported how much it moved.
“The Endeavor moved four inches! The crowd goes wild!”
I haven't seen that much excitement in the Southern California streets, since we had that big rock on its way to LACMA.
Aside from watching this event while the baby fed. I spent the mandatory three days, calling the nurses for every freak out I had over anything I didn't had prior experience.
I also tried to remember some of the things newborns did from when my mom brought home all my siblings, during my childhood. Hubby and I spent almost twelve wet tissues in our first ever diaper change so I was kind of rusty.
The baby had a good latch so the feeding was easy. He was usually quiet, except when the nurses came in. Since he was born over nine pounds they were worried he might diabetic. They came to take blood samples every three or four hours for the first twenty four hours of his life. Kind of a sad welcome to the world, but necessary. He doesn't has diabetes thank goodness.
I was still mad about not having the natural birth I dreamed, but then I heard his weight and that his head size was in the top ninety five percentile I was like “Thank you God!”
Newborn hats fits most...

I joke that baby was smarter than mommy realizing he didn't fit down there he turned around or else I would still be in hospital. We also joke that he came with a superpower: he can kill Macbeth! There was a lot of silver linings to this C-Section and the scar is not even that big. Even if it was I got a baby out it, totally worth it.
I'm plan to take Orion to see the shuttle at some point and tell him that both of them share their birthday.
If there was any doubt our baby will be a nerd prince, there is none now.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

TBBT:135.624. The Bon Voyage Reaction


This was a marvelous ending for this season. Penny and Leonard said their good byes and "I love you" like the most normal couple in the world. A delight to watch. I liked how they did mentioned again the M word and we again had Penny being the one in control. I think the distance will be revealing like last time and we are going to have a new development.

I do wonder if Shamy is stalling them. I mean Leonard moving in or marrying Penny would be a huge step and Shamy had to get ready to move in together or marry themselves. The solution Could be Raj or Stuart becoming the new roommate if Lenny gets married.

This episode revolved more about Raj lack of love life, about time. It needed extra attention and all our couples pretty much had their own developments in previous episodes. Chuck Lorre understands, how everything needs their time and space in order to flow organically.

Amy showed a lot of nobility offering herself as the ambassador for the group to make Lucy feel more comfortable. Although it was a disaster the gesture was nice.

I do hope that since Amy was socially challenged growing up and managed to break her shell in the group. She can try and track down Lucy and convince her to give Raj another chance. We shy, awkward girls need to support each other.

Raj needs to understand that social anxiety takes time. Maybe he should had suggested adding her friends on Facebook to get familiar with them. Talking over the phone for one minute or two before real world interaction would had created a similar safe situation for Lucy to start becoming part of the group. He seems to assume that since she is comfortable with him she should be with his friends.
My heart did broke for him when she didn't showed up at the party. I love that he wanted all his friends to know. This is one of the most close groups in comedy I had ever seen.

I hope for next season Lucy comes back I think she and Raj make a cute couple and I hate to waste a portmanteau name like "Racy".
I also hope we get to see more of Lenny progressing they are in a make or break stage and should move on forward. Sheldon  also needs to learn to be less petty and more affectionate in real life with Amy.
Bernadette and Howard should start the family planning next season and it would be good to see how that will affect the group's interaction. Also I cannot imagine what kind of grumpy pregnant woman Bernadette can be. Surely very funny to watch.

Overall 4 1/2 Bazingas out of 5.

September can't come soon enough.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Movie Review: Man of Steel

Super-Franchise Launched

I liked it. I didn't loved it but it was good and I will watch it again. Here is my review, spoilers included.

The Good

OMG Superman can fight! This was the action movie we had been waiting for since Donner movies. He used his powers well and the punches, flips, flying scenes were exciting and done in a creative way nothing you had seen before. They also effectively conveyed the threats that could actually kill Superman and how great were the feats he could accomplish. I loved the way they built it up with small saving scenes to lead up to big show down. To end with a bang by fighting the big boss Zod.
Henry Cavill is one of the best Superman's to date, Christopher Reeve is still number one but he is very close to him. He is gorgeous and has a noble quietness to him that fits the character. He also has a sense of wonder, loneliness and uncertainty. He really sold me as the "Alien" in our planet and that cares for us. I can't wait to see him more in character as both Clark Kent: reporter and as Superman.

Lois Lane is by far the best incarnation of the character. They managed to convey she was both successful, smart, and accomplished. But she also possessed integrity, warm, courage and a good head in her shoulders. The way she quickly bond with her 'mystery man' was believable and charming. The moment when Clark calls him “a friend' and smiles to himself. Shows that he also felt the connection to one of the few humans that accepted his alien origin and still though on protect his secret at her expense.

I kissed an alien and I liked it...

No triangle for two: About time. Its charming the first few 20 years but after a while you get to, like Lois and Clark TV show put it “The most galactically stupid woman in all history” I'm okay with Perry and the others members of the planet staff not knowing. But after being face to face with the man so many times Lois not knowing was kind of silly. I never liked love triangles so I might be biased, though.

The bad
They stole Queen Amidala's old clothes! No wonder Krypton exploded. The Nabooans are that serious about fashion

The editing needed work.
The flying sound worked in some scenes others was odd.
It dragged a bit specially the Krypton scenes. It  slowed down the movie and if you think about it you could had edited out ten minutes of it with no changes in the plot.
Plot needed some work. So they had been sending technology for thousands of years that is not only, always compatible with the new ones (try to use a floppy disc in a laptop and see what I mean) but that had the capacity to create new Kryptonian planets and they just went Kaboom without trying to emigrate to other planets?
My fanwank is that they are setting this for future alien villains, or the Kryptonians eliminated self preservation from their genes while breeding kids ala Matrix.
Pa Kent heroic death was very lame Clark should had said “I'm the goddamn Superman and I will save you even if you ground me forever” I do think I know what happened though more on that later.
So Superman is pregnant with thousand of Kryptonians? Ok.
The ending was anti climatic the last scene should had been of Superman going to save the day. Maybe he even flying. It was kind of “What? The movie ended there? For real?”

The Ugly
"Not Jennifer Connelly. Get me some ketchup for the scenery I'm about to eat..."

Hollywood Executive: “So Russell Crowe we want you in our Man of Steel movie”
Russel Crowe: “Thank you, Superman should be played by an Oscar winner like me”
H.E: “Errr you are kind of too...old to play him.”
RC: “Old...I'm going to punch you right on...”
HE: “But we got a better role for you: his father...”
RC: “Unless you make the role to embody all my Awards winning roles Savior of Krypton, genius scientist with a hot wife, but that can also fight like a warrior I'm out”
HE whispers to his assistant “How many Awards do we need to make this movie legit?”
Assistant: “At least 10, sir”
HE: “We can rewrite the script in 24 hours: lots of lines, plots revolves around you and... Your screen-time would be second only to Superman”
RC: “ Add an heroic death and you got yourself a deal”
HE: “Deal”
Kevin Costner “I want a heroic death too!”
HE “You got awards?!”
KC “Yes”
HE “Deal!”
Henry Cavill “What.... do I get?”
HE “Sorry pal we only have villain's and lame lines left...and you are the hero so...Better luck in the sequel”

4 stars out of 5. Really good and entertaining but could had done away with some stuff. I can't wait for the sequel!

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