Friday, January 25, 2013

My ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Romantic Predictions for 2013

Since I was a kid I always loved to try to guess what my favorite fictional characters will do next. Especially the couples and although still bitter that Mulder and Scully never had a “release our sexual tension moment” in the silver screen (Curse you Chris Carter!) I still like to play this game with other ships. Here is what I think it will happen with our beloved Geeky Bunch.
Amy and Sheldon (SHAMY) will get physically closer.
I don’t think we will have full-blown sex this year, but I surely think they will at some point. But I think is obvious by Sheldon picking to spank Amy as disciplinary measure that she is breaking him slowly to get him to see her as more than just a “girl’ that is his “friend” I will predict a kiss initiated by Sheldon or a make out session, maybe initiated by Amy, but that will get at least “That was not as repulsive as I was expecting” or a “We might add kissing to our relationship contract” from our adorable asexual-in-transition-to-stud genius.
Bernadette and Howard (HOWARDETTE) get a pregnancy or pregnancy scare.
Well we already know that the theme of the kids is a difficult one so having the possibility of getting one this early has the potential to get our newlyweds closer or to bring a lot of issues to the surface I also think the grandparents scream match about what religion that poor kid is going to be, will be hilarious.
Penny and Leonard (LENNY) Penny proposes to Leonard.
We know there is a love triangle brewing with someone who can give Penny a run for her money and Penny has shown commitment issues over Leonard, I think the right combo might make her realize that she indeed wants the rest of her life with him and given that this show already had one of the couples tying the knot is only natural that they are the second. It will also be fun to see Amy arm-wrestling the bouquet from anyone that dares to try to take it.
Raj... will get a girlfriend or boyfriend?
This one is announced to happen I’m 51% thinking that Raj should get a geeky girlfriend, he has tried with more conventional girls with no success I think one of us should be the next and definitive one. I also think it would be interesting if she is an African-American or a Latina (My vote would be for Tyra Banks, America Ferrera or Dania Ramirez to play her) given that we don’t have any on the show at this point, and it will enrich the representation of all types of geeks, no to mention we have enough blondes already.
Now my 49% is for Raj to get a boyfriend, I’m not so much into this development because “Rule of Funny” says that it would kill the pun of his jokes and is kind of lame “The guy suspected gay for a bunch of stereotypes was actually gay!” hear the rim-shot and the laugh sign to the audience. In any case if they go this route I think they should go with Stuart (RAJTUART? STUARJESH?) since he has taken the place of Howard as pathetic single and he is the only one that gets the homo-eroticism of his puns, it seems like a match make on geek heaven.
Now to wait and see what new exciting development will, Chuck Lorre and his team, bring this new year the first since 1987 without repeated numbers.
Originally published in Yahoo Voices.

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