Friday, January 25, 2013

Star Wars Vs Star Trek

I’m a fan of both, personally and I’m hoping in raising LO as a moderate Nerd like me. Meaning not wars about what to like or not and how that reflects according to your peer group of nerds. I’m a veteran from Marvel vs DC and in the end we are all comic book fans and are happy that Hollywood is finally investing on our stories to make them come to live in the big screen. Of course is far from perfect. Spider-man reboot was too quick.  I haven’t watched it BTW, the combo of the first ad looking like a rip-off of a famous video game and Toby is my Peter Parker, really didn’t get me the need to watch it (I know bad nerd, bad nerd). Aside from the Batman franchise masterfully directed by Christopher Nolan, DC is the new Marvel on making bad movies of every superhero. Maybe the youngest crowd doesn’t remember but once upon a time every single Marvel movie was a piece of unwatchable crap. The worst offender 90′s Captain America…ugh I’m saving a review of it for the Nerdrage section when I master the courage of accessing the part of my brain those memories jailed. DC still doesn’t has the Justice League movie we are all waiting for and Superman is the most anticipated franchise that doesn’t seem able to get established sadly for us fans of the Big Blue, hopefully Zack Snyder with Man of Steel gets the right movie to start. Marvel had fantastic movies leading up the nerdgasm of The Avengers done by the seasoned Joss Whedon, although both houses are lacking in the female superhero area. So things are not perfect but we are going into a good place, me thinks.
So is there a point on comparing and choosing? I don’t think so in the end we all are just lovers and we want to enjoy our fictional universes and franchises. Jedis, Trekkies or both in the end should come together breed and take over the worl…  I mean we should share in peace our loves without making it about competition.
So May the force make you live long and prosper.
I was inspired to write this post because of this graphic courtesy of Barnorama.

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