Saturday, January 26, 2013

TBBT:123.613.The Bakersfield Expedition

First things first. Sheldon dressed as Data = HOT!
I was a bit worried about this episode as a female nerd seeing the girls entering the store and make it a big deal reminded me of the stereotype that girls don’t read comics or like nerdy stuff (hence in my prediction for the show I’m hoping for Raj to get a truly nerdy girlfriend in the show) but it turned out that for the girls that love nerds all they needed was to give it a chance and they started to argue like we fans do it on regularly, Stuart was right about that, oh so right. The homage to TNG keeps going (Sheldon dressed as Data = HOT!) I would have made Raj into Geordi personally and Howard into Riker (I mean really Riker was the seducer of the ship no one better than Howard for that role). But I guess it was too obvious.
Sheldon was so annoying with his voice on the GPS. Although personally would love if my GPS had his voice if possible, but he had another human moment feeling stupid with all those people looking at them and the driver that threw the drink to him, I know the feeling every nerd has had this moment of doubt and ridicule at some point. Raj was adorkable trying to lighten the mood and keeping the spirits up. Leonard was really cute with taking pictures of Penny so people will believe him. Howard talking about mom as usual.
The girls were really good I love how Bernadette is always trying to be a better wife and partner and the other girls follow her lead (Catholic girls FTW!) and Penny is also slowly trying to be more understanding of Leonard’s world. Is it me or Amy is about to explode? The sexual innuendo was on Warp 9, if you excuse the pun, Sheldon better get that one going or she is going to end up melting his action figure collection.
Overall great episode, some jokes were a bit off so I will give it 3 1/2 Bazingas out of 5.

Sheldon dressed as Data = HOT!

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