Thursday, February 28, 2013

Disney STEM Princess. Aurora Psychoanalyst

Dr. Aurora Rose is convinced that dreams are the key to our past and she is willing to die to prove it. Going behind the back of her colleague and fiance Phillip Prince. She arranges with her three lab assistants: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather to induce her into a coma and monitor her while she travels the dream world. In it she will finds ways to retrieve the memories she lost as a child to try and track her missing parents.
But her rival, Dr Mallory (Mal) E. Ficent tries to make her coma a permanent one. She locks her assistants and follows Aurora progress planning to steal her data and take the glory before ending her life. The assistants manage to contact Philip who gets just in time to stop Mal. Deliver her to the authorities and saves her fiance from a certain death. Aurora successfully retrieved the memories and is finally reunited with her parents. The university impressed with her findings grants her the funds she needs to continue her research and she and Phillip lived Geekily ever after.
To see all the princesses as scientists click here:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TBBT.128.617. The Monster Isolation

It was about time we had an episode revolving around Raj. Most of the other characters have reached a comfortable point in their relationships. He is the only one that is struggling with his romantic life, I'm glad the show addressed it at last.

We opened with Sheldon bonding with Penny about his Youtube program Fun with Flags. Say what you want about Penny but she is always trying to be nice to the guys. And even though she is a terrible waitress she does works hard to be a good actress. I'm wondering what is the set up for this. Will Penny have to choose between a big career and moving out of her tiny apartment and Leonard? Is this the source of her ambivalence? Wondering that she might still make it big if she is not attached to our geeky scientist for as long as they live? That would be an interesting season ending cliffhanger: Penny moving to Beverly Hills because she got a contract for a big series. Maybe a sci-fi series so she can hire her boyfriend as the consultant. *fan-fiction idea*

Shamy is going strong. Amy has mastered the art of helping out Sheldon with his social short comings. Of course she still acknowledges the issues in their relationship. I wonder if the "poop throwing" incident has to do with her being a bit stressed out by the lack of sex. I also wonder what she will do if she finds out Sheldon has been lying about that at at work, she probably won't be too happy about it. Lot of things going on behind the scenes for those two, that could potentially shake Shamy up. Let's hope for more good things to come to them after the quarrel.

Howardette seems doing fine supporting his former friend Raj, not much to mention, except that is nice to see how close Raj and Howard still are. He will have his back when he feels like crap and Bernadette will be there for them too.

Raj was his sweet naive self as usual. Started being overconfident to impress her new interest.I'm sure that girl was probably intimidated by him being so together given her issues. It was a tad predictable that she will leave the moment Raj was congratulating himself. But the rest of the storyline was good. I kind of like her character, she did something really rude but eventually pushed herself to make it right and even went to Raj apartment. She seems like a nice girl enough so far. Hoping her and Raj hit it off and whatever comes from it both become better persons from the experience.

I want to mention this time side-characters like Kripke, Alex and Stuart. I do wonder if there is a surprise coming on from those in the love life department. Stuart's depression and money issues had been mentioned a couple of times. Kripke seems to be single although more at peace with this in his life and in a better position with his outstanding work. Alex seems to have stopped her attempts of poaching Leonard so maybe she is seeing someone else we will wait and see.

4 out of 5 Bazingas

Monday, February 18, 2013

TBBT.127.616. The Tangible Affection Proof

Valentine's day episode! Next time we will have the day for love falling on a Thursday will be on 2019 #uselessfact.

I predicted already that if they were to be married Penny will have to propose to Leonard given that she is the partner with the most intimacy issues. I do hope though that Penny doesn't take this as some sort of power trip and think that Leonard is going to stick around forever. That wouldn't end up well.

Sheldon is his usual insufferable lovable self I don't think Alex is going to tolerate working with him for too long just to be his 'gofer'. I though she wasn't going to buy the gifts for a second there. It seems that she whether thinks Sheldon will come around (Ha!) or she wants to stay there to be close to Leonard. I do think Alex is the catalyst for something to happen to Lenny. Hopefully something good.

Shamy got closer I loved how she let go of all conventions just to please him and how he picked her as her emergency call. They are both coming around to great things and learning what the other needs and are willing to give to the other in detrimental of the self. That mutually assured affection is what keeps couples together in the long term. Great development.

Raj and Stuart keep sharing time together and I like that Raj always try to see the bright side no matter how low things are. His speech was very sweet and I liked that attracted another awkward girl. Hoping things get better for them and who knows maybe we will find out more nerd connections happened that night. Although the "losers!" was funny I still don't like to think of my kind in that way in real life. Hopefully the show will represent that and hopefully even Stuart might end up dating someone as well.

I liked that Howardette addressed their issues. I do wonder if the original plan of Bernardette working while Howard stay at homes will continue to do so. She doesn't seem to be happy working so many hours and it seems that Howard is a terrible housekeeper. Maybe they will try to arrange something else. Howard is the only one without a PHD getting one probably will help him make more money. Of course Bernadette doesn't like kids maybe the solution is for her to stop being the main breadwinner. Howard gets a PHD to earn more money and have their mom taking care of the kids so she wouldn't be lonely anymore. Everyone wins!

I love all this characters and I hope they get the happiest endings possible to them.

4 Bazingas out of 5!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby has a jumping problem

I was going to continue the story of how me and hubby ended up with LO chronologically but he is being so cute now, that I have to share.
He already started to try to stand on his own and his little face just lights up when he is in his feet. He also insists on be hold while in the upright position in our legs. So we decided to get him a jumper seat. I did some research. I wanted a toy he could exercise his body, but that also stimulated his mind. I liked the accessories and toys in the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo.
It has colorful and varied animals: tiger, lion, and even a salamander he can play with. He can turn in the chair depending on what animal or feature he wants to play with when he is resting from his jumping duties.

He was not that much impressed with it when he set it up. He sat the few times and I had to show it that the seat will make noises and have lights blinking when he jumped. I though that maybe he was not ready like I though at the time. Yeah right, the third time we placed him on it he jumped like a little madman.
Five minutes at the beginning then ten, now he can spent almost half and hour on it and won't stop until he falls sleep. Literally if I try to take him out of it when I see him dozing of he will open his eyes wide and start jumping frantically again almost as he is saying:
"No mommy I'm not tired I'm still jumping" Is the cutest thing in the world.
Here is a pic of sleeping jumping beauty:

Like I said I like the accessories and even attach a taggie to one end of the elastic ropes to add variety. My only complain is:

What in the world is this supposed to be??!!

I tell him the names of the animals in English and Spanish, but with this... creature I usually call it "Una cosa con alas" A thing with wings.
Hubby says is supposed to be a bumblebee. I think it looks like a hybrid between a butterfly, a bee and madness. Whatever it is, baby loves it and practice his grasping skills with it when he is not jumping.
Here is a video of him jumping for a few seconds. Kid is a pro.

See more about this product on

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Surprising Ancestry

23andme is a company that gets a sample of your DNA, reads its sequence and delivers by e-mail a report with a list of genetic disorders risks, diseases, physical traits and even your ancestry, according to how ACGT are organized in your unique code.
I always wanted to try this since I learned about it years ago in Dominican Republic. Once we got enough money to do it, hubby and me ordered our kits online.
Anyone that pays attention to their family can guess some part of the results. But I still got a lot of surprises some good some bad but more of them really interesting.
One of the most outstanding features is the ancestry finder. You can learn with this tool, what parts of the world your DNA came from. I knew I had some mixed of African and European ancestry from my grandparents birth places and you know the mirror, but I also found out that I have Asian DNA, that was a bit surprising although it shouldn't had been...
Growing up some people though I had some Chinese blood given my almond like eyes. But since we didn't had any Asians in the family I just though it was just the way my eyes decided to take shape.
Years before the test though I suspected we had Taino blood given that my mother has a similar kind of Asian look and her family comes from one of the last settlements of the Tainos in the island before they were listed as extinct by the scholars of the time.
I now have proof that some of them managed to mix themselves with the slaves and some of their masters.
Although is a small part is nice to know that they are not completely gone and surely not forgotten.
It will be nice to start my tales of the Tainos to my baby with "The island was inhabited before Columbus arrived, by a noble race called The Tainos, once it was though to be completely extinct, but that is not the truth, they will live forever... in us"

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Name two space babies

They are actually the newly discovered, smallest moons of Pluto and there is a selection of names to continue the tradition of Roman and Greek mythological names about tales of the underworld. Still is pretty exciting. In the past only scientist get to name this. Is really cool we can participate on this type of events. Here is the website we you can cast your vote:

Monday, February 11, 2013

Are babies born good?

This is the question in the cover of the past January issue of Smithsonian magazine. They explore the controversial science of human morality in that issue.  
Born to be bad talks about who we are in our core, before societal rules are imposed or understood. They recruit babies and toddlers and test their attitudes on helping others and if they have an innate sense of right and wrong. They use puppets and create scenarios in which the 'tiny subjects' are challenged to make the choices between a bad guy and a good guy.
They also designed experiments where they could choose to help, without reward and even interrupting or stopping a pleasurable activity. Other scenarios had the babies in situations where they could help, regardless if the person was even aware they needed of a hand. Is a new science and there are a lot more experiments needed but the results are surprising, fascinating and revolutionary and like good science with more room to grow and experiment. You can check the full article online here.
It reminds me of the marshmallow experiment. I can't wait for Orion to be old enough to see if he will pass.
If he is a sugar junkie like me, I seriously doubt it.
Here is a video of the experiment:

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Funny baby wear

Although this would be more funny "in a Sheldon way" if the baby was unplanned...

Friday, February 8, 2013

TBBT.123.615. The Spoiler Alert Segmentation


So Sheldon is a Spoilerer? My love for him has been reduced by a 0.01%  factor.
I loved all the Harry Potter references it was a good choice. The job is known enough to be recognizable and to make the spoilers not really spoiler for the fans. Really anyone that hasn't read Harry Potter or watched the movies at this point, won't do it ever and won't care and we the fans enjoyed hearing our character's names mentioned. Although some mention of the bigger spoiler "Snape was always on Harry's side" would had been even cooler.
Penny hasn't learned anything? You cannot tell things to Sheldon you want to keep to yourself. Of course you could argue it was her way to try  to get the truth out.
I liked how they handled the situation showing that logic and feelings sometimes clash and that is okay to acknowledge both. And I love how Sheldon is not only a liar he went out of his way with the lie to make Penny look worse. It shows that his social skill are so very poor that he cannot even get away with a lie.
It seems that Penny intimacy issues are about to get resolved and I do think that now that she knows what is like to live with Leonard she will be able to move on to the next step. Something long due IMO. Leonard and her are on the stage that a couple gets engaged, start living together and/or marry.
Sheldon not so much, he needs more time. Sorry Amy, although she is right about the fact that Sheldon will never get a better girlfriend, just because I'm married already and he doesn't exist of course.
Howardette keeps the snarky mean tone with each other...I don't like that. 
I really hope this is something that will get addressed at some point. I get the jokes but usually there is some reconciliation coming up when Lenny or Shamy joke around their defects. This looked like "let's have wild sex so we don't talk about our problems" kind of situation, it might be just me. Unless they are going for the pregnancy scare to come when they are about to call it quits. They seem to like to keep them moving on in the moment of a crisis, they were about to not see each other ever again when they became a couple and they were about to break up when they got engaged so maybe they are just about to have a child and that is why they are trying to tear each other heads passive-aggressively. Time will tell.
Raj...Oh my poor Raj, you just went in it like a baby zebra into the fat lion's den. This seems like a job for biological overbearing mom. 
I hope he has the good sense of getting Mrs Koothrappali on the phone and had her tell Mrs Wolowitz some of the things only us mom can tell to each other to snap about a bad behaviour aka 'bitch what is your problem'.

Loved this episode! 4 Bazingas out of 5.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

How I met my Nerd Prince

Dating as a nerd is hard. You need to find a man (or woman as the case might be) who is more interesting than reading your comic books and playing with your action figures or discussing online all the mistakes in the Spiderman movies.
But if you want to breed is unavoidable. Of course IMO if anyone can use their brain power and obsessive nature to successfully win the evolutionary race is us.
Once I was set in the goal of getting married I started to explore the best strategies.
I got first into general dating sites like Yahoo Personals and Waste of time not a favorable nerd to normal ratio.
Then I decided to go to nerdpassions, in spite of the name it didn't had a lot of nerds there either. Not sure why.
I refined my search to get to more scientific sites. Okcupid had personality tests and supposedly matches you with the people more compatible based on their answers and likings. Funny enough I messaged the most compatible guy in the site, around 99% of compatibility with me, and he surely found me unattractive since he never answered back.
After being on the site for around a year in 2004 I moved on to Eharmony. I had read the book written by the founder: Falling in love for all the right reasons and his approach has promise. Twenty-Nine dimensions seemed like a good way to match for long relationship and the price should filter out people that are joking around or getting validation from the invitations they get. But after filling up the questionnaire they found me unmatchable.
That hurt a lot. I though that I will never meet anyone. It took me a few months to gain perspective about the whole system. I was trying to get matched with the pool of people they had at the time. If my match was one in a million I was just unlucky that he was not there at that point in time.
Then I remembered something. I used to visit the library set by the American Embassy in my country. I read the SCIAM magazines there and I found out about Sciconnect, in an add they had on the back. I though the add was cute: two lab mice together. It seemed so simple: How many times had I felt like a rat in a mace?
I though that if everything failed I could just sign in it and see what happened.
I wrote an overlong, probably in terrible grammar, profile. I uploaded a picture that I though presented me in a good light without being misleading and looked at the guys that were my type, had profiles that showed similar interests and were smiling in their pics. I messaged around twenty a simple introduction “You seem like an interesting guy I would like to get to know you better” and waited.
Only around ten answered back and the filtering process started.  Some of them fell through, some others just stopped messaging me, I did the same to some others. But there was this guy who was never too cold or too hot, seemed reliable, interested and slowly shared things about his daily life. How he was doing at work, what it was like the weather, slowly escalating asking question, answering me back. We got to know each other and by the time my three months account was about to expire I found that we were writing each other daily sometimes three times a day. Long emails also, with all the inane details of our daily lives. We had already interchanged several pictures, talked over the phone. Even sent each other presents and I found myself checking my email at every moment to see if he had anything new to say.
I told him that my account was expiring and that if he though I should renew it and if he was planning to renew his. Both were no answers and well the rest is a story that will tell later, if you are good.
Now we are married with a LO and I couldn't be happier.
So yeah it took me a while and I overcame many obstacles but in the end true nerd love wins.
I hope this inspire the single ones and make the married ones remember how much dating sucks and how lucky they are to have each other.
I know I do, every day.

Friday, February 1, 2013

TBBT.123.614. The Cooper/Kripke Inversion

My favorite, at the moment, geeks are back!

Great episode as usual with something that worried me, though.

First we start with Sheldon classic superiority complex; working hard in a solving an equation and playing it like is some sort of big sport game. This was a set up for the harsh reality that Kripe might not be the lesser colleague he likes to think everyone is. I mean I love Sheldon but is true he needs to get serve some humble pie with ice cream once in a while. It helps him humanize him and grow as a character and the episode deliver this nicely.

Amy did a great job as supportive girlfriend. I was really happy that she forgot "the fire on her loins" and understood that Sheldon needed a hug from her. Nice one Amy.

I loved the reaction of Penny to Sheldon confessing that he is working on fulfilling a physical relationship with Amy.

Sheldon's getting laid! Amy you vixen, just wait a few seasons but I'm totally calling that they will kiss in the season finale a real kiss initiated by Sheldon. *geekgodshearmyplea*

Kripke is whether a perv or he is eying Amy I hope he stops with the uncomfortable questions and/or Sheldon stops him. I mean I know he like Stuart is in need of female company but not even Howard was ever this creepy. Cut it out Kripke use that energy to find a girlfriend please.

Penny and Leonard are doing well settle down in their routine as most couple do. I do enjoy this quiet moments. Couples don't spent 24/7 in DRAMA! is nice to have them like this just being themselves.

Raj is still single. But I read that he is getting a "potential' love interest soon. I'm sure it will be a hilarious development.

Now to what worries me. Are they setting Bernardette to become an abusive wife?

I mean I totally agree that Howard was stupid and selfish in spending all that money without consulting his wife and that returning the machine was in order. But cutting his expenses from the joined bank account and threatening to not have sex with him ever again? That looks textbook abusive spouse behaviour.
There are mature ways to deal with this kind of situations, without resorting to dread tactics. I personally don't subscribe to the idea that if a woman does certain things to a man is funny. How many sitcoms have the wife spending a huge amount of money on something trivial like shoes and the husband doesn't threaten her with cutting her money, right? That would not come out well.
And they are planning on Howard staying at home to take care of the kids once they have it. This sets a bad precedent.  Money issues are statistically one of the big reasons for divorce.

I hope this was just an isolated incident played for laughs, not that it was that funny to me. I pray they are not planning to make Bernadette into a shrill wife and Howard a long suffering husband.

In any case I gave this episode 3 and 1/2 Bazingas out of 5.
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