Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Surprising Ancestry

23andme is a company that gets a sample of your DNA, reads its sequence and delivers by e-mail a report with a list of genetic disorders risks, diseases, physical traits and even your ancestry, according to how ACGT are organized in your unique code.
I always wanted to try this since I learned about it years ago in Dominican Republic. Once we got enough money to do it, hubby and me ordered our kits online.
Anyone that pays attention to their family can guess some part of the results. But I still got a lot of surprises some good some bad but more of them really interesting.
One of the most outstanding features is the ancestry finder. You can learn with this tool, what parts of the world your DNA came from. I knew I had some mixed of African and European ancestry from my grandparents birth places and you know the mirror, but I also found out that I have Asian DNA, that was a bit surprising although it shouldn't had been...
Growing up some people though I had some Chinese blood given my almond like eyes. But since we didn't had any Asians in the family I just though it was just the way my eyes decided to take shape.
Years before the test though I suspected we had Taino blood given that my mother has a similar kind of Asian look and her family comes from one of the last settlements of the Tainos in the island before they were listed as extinct by the scholars of the time.
I now have proof that some of them managed to mix themselves with the slaves and some of their masters.
Although is a small part is nice to know that they are not completely gone and surely not forgotten.
It will be nice to start my tales of the Tainos to my baby with "The island was inhabited before Columbus arrived, by a noble race called The Tainos, once it was though to be completely extinct, but that is not the truth, they will live forever... in us"

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