Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby has a jumping problem

I was going to continue the story of how me and hubby ended up with LO chronologically but he is being so cute now, that I have to share.
He already started to try to stand on his own and his little face just lights up when he is in his feet. He also insists on be hold while in the upright position in our legs. So we decided to get him a jumper seat. I did some research. I wanted a toy he could exercise his body, but that also stimulated his mind. I liked the accessories and toys in the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo.
It has colorful and varied animals: tiger, lion, and even a salamander he can play with. He can turn in the chair depending on what animal or feature he wants to play with when he is resting from his jumping duties.

He was not that much impressed with it when he set it up. He sat the few times and I had to show it that the seat will make noises and have lights blinking when he jumped. I though that maybe he was not ready like I though at the time. Yeah right, the third time we placed him on it he jumped like a little madman.
Five minutes at the beginning then ten, now he can spent almost half and hour on it and won't stop until he falls sleep. Literally if I try to take him out of it when I see him dozing of he will open his eyes wide and start jumping frantically again almost as he is saying:
"No mommy I'm not tired I'm still jumping" Is the cutest thing in the world.
Here is a pic of sleeping jumping beauty:

Like I said I like the accessories and even attach a taggie to one end of the elastic ropes to add variety. My only complain is:

What in the world is this supposed to be??!!

I tell him the names of the animals in English and Spanish, but with this... creature I usually call it "Una cosa con alas" A thing with wings.
Hubby says is supposed to be a bumblebee. I think it looks like a hybrid between a butterfly, a bee and madness. Whatever it is, baby loves it and practice his grasping skills with it when he is not jumping.
Here is a video of him jumping for a few seconds. Kid is a pro.

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עדינה אלכסנדר said...

Ana he's beautiful! You and papacito must be very proud of your son.
I didn't want to check any of the 'Reactions' as I didn't want to mark the wrong one! I got the meaning of the first two but the third had me stumped! I couldn't even find it in the dictionary!
I see you call the baby 'Orion.' Why did I have the impression his name is 'William?'
Blog: http//

עדינה אלכסנדר said...

I've already commented above but this stupid Google insists that I write something again! LOL!

Ana Bastow said...

Hi Adina. Glad you like it.
The baby's name is William Orion. Since I plan to use this blog for my book I though it will be confusing since the leading man in my story is named William too.
Thank you for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Oh, he's such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! He'll be an Olympic high-jumper in a few years, you mark my words! :-P

Ana Bastow said...

Thank you guys!

Susan Walsh said...

Ana, I just saw this. So funny! What a beautiful face he has. He looks like he is going to be very active! A real handful!

Ana Bastow said...

Heh I know Susan I know :)

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