Thursday, February 28, 2013

Disney STEM Princess. Aurora Psychoanalyst

Dr. Aurora Rose is convinced that dreams are the key to our past and she is willing to die to prove it. Going behind the back of her colleague and fiance Phillip Prince. She arranges with her three lab assistants: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather to induce her into a coma and monitor her while she travels the dream world. In it she will finds ways to retrieve the memories she lost as a child to try and track her missing parents.
But her rival, Dr Mallory (Mal) E. Ficent tries to make her coma a permanent one. She locks her assistants and follows Aurora progress planning to steal her data and take the glory before ending her life. The assistants manage to contact Philip who gets just in time to stop Mal. Deliver her to the authorities and saves her fiance from a certain death. Aurora successfully retrieved the memories and is finally reunited with her parents. The university impressed with her findings grants her the funds she needs to continue her research and she and Phillip lived Geekily ever after.
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