Friday, February 1, 2013

TBBT.123.614. The Cooper/Kripke Inversion

My favorite, at the moment, geeks are back!

Great episode as usual with something that worried me, though.

First we start with Sheldon classic superiority complex; working hard in a solving an equation and playing it like is some sort of big sport game. This was a set up for the harsh reality that Kripe might not be the lesser colleague he likes to think everyone is. I mean I love Sheldon but is true he needs to get serve some humble pie with ice cream once in a while. It helps him humanize him and grow as a character and the episode deliver this nicely.

Amy did a great job as supportive girlfriend. I was really happy that she forgot "the fire on her loins" and understood that Sheldon needed a hug from her. Nice one Amy.

I loved the reaction of Penny to Sheldon confessing that he is working on fulfilling a physical relationship with Amy.

Sheldon's getting laid! Amy you vixen, just wait a few seasons but I'm totally calling that they will kiss in the season finale a real kiss initiated by Sheldon. *geekgodshearmyplea*

Kripke is whether a perv or he is eying Amy I hope he stops with the uncomfortable questions and/or Sheldon stops him. I mean I know he like Stuart is in need of female company but not even Howard was ever this creepy. Cut it out Kripke use that energy to find a girlfriend please.

Penny and Leonard are doing well settle down in their routine as most couple do. I do enjoy this quiet moments. Couples don't spent 24/7 in DRAMA! is nice to have them like this just being themselves.

Raj is still single. But I read that he is getting a "potential' love interest soon. I'm sure it will be a hilarious development.

Now to what worries me. Are they setting Bernardette to become an abusive wife?

I mean I totally agree that Howard was stupid and selfish in spending all that money without consulting his wife and that returning the machine was in order. But cutting his expenses from the joined bank account and threatening to not have sex with him ever again? That looks textbook abusive spouse behaviour.
There are mature ways to deal with this kind of situations, without resorting to dread tactics. I personally don't subscribe to the idea that if a woman does certain things to a man is funny. How many sitcoms have the wife spending a huge amount of money on something trivial like shoes and the husband doesn't threaten her with cutting her money, right? That would not come out well.
And they are planning on Howard staying at home to take care of the kids once they have it. This sets a bad precedent.  Money issues are statistically one of the big reasons for divorce.

I hope this was just an isolated incident played for laughs, not that it was that funny to me. I pray they are not planning to make Bernadette into a shrill wife and Howard a long suffering husband.

In any case I gave this episode 3 and 1/2 Bazingas out of 5.

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