Friday, February 8, 2013

TBBT.123.615. The Spoiler Alert Segmentation


So Sheldon is a Spoilerer? My love for him has been reduced by a 0.01%  factor.
I loved all the Harry Potter references it was a good choice. The job is known enough to be recognizable and to make the spoilers not really spoiler for the fans. Really anyone that hasn't read Harry Potter or watched the movies at this point, won't do it ever and won't care and we the fans enjoyed hearing our character's names mentioned. Although some mention of the bigger spoiler "Snape was always on Harry's side" would had been even cooler.
Penny hasn't learned anything? You cannot tell things to Sheldon you want to keep to yourself. Of course you could argue it was her way to try  to get the truth out.
I liked how they handled the situation showing that logic and feelings sometimes clash and that is okay to acknowledge both. And I love how Sheldon is not only a liar he went out of his way with the lie to make Penny look worse. It shows that his social skill are so very poor that he cannot even get away with a lie.
It seems that Penny intimacy issues are about to get resolved and I do think that now that she knows what is like to live with Leonard she will be able to move on to the next step. Something long due IMO. Leonard and her are on the stage that a couple gets engaged, start living together and/or marry.
Sheldon not so much, he needs more time. Sorry Amy, although she is right about the fact that Sheldon will never get a better girlfriend, just because I'm married already and he doesn't exist of course.
Howardette keeps the snarky mean tone with each other...I don't like that. 
I really hope this is something that will get addressed at some point. I get the jokes but usually there is some reconciliation coming up when Lenny or Shamy joke around their defects. This looked like "let's have wild sex so we don't talk about our problems" kind of situation, it might be just me. Unless they are going for the pregnancy scare to come when they are about to call it quits. They seem to like to keep them moving on in the moment of a crisis, they were about to not see each other ever again when they became a couple and they were about to break up when they got engaged so maybe they are just about to have a child and that is why they are trying to tear each other heads passive-aggressively. Time will tell.
Raj...Oh my poor Raj, you just went in it like a baby zebra into the fat lion's den. This seems like a job for biological overbearing mom. 
I hope he has the good sense of getting Mrs Koothrappali on the phone and had her tell Mrs Wolowitz some of the things only us mom can tell to each other to snap about a bad behaviour aka 'bitch what is your problem'.

Loved this episode! 4 Bazingas out of 5.

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