Monday, February 18, 2013

TBBT.127.616. The Tangible Affection Proof

Valentine's day episode! Next time we will have the day for love falling on a Thursday will be on 2019 #uselessfact.

I predicted already that if they were to be married Penny will have to propose to Leonard given that she is the partner with the most intimacy issues. I do hope though that Penny doesn't take this as some sort of power trip and think that Leonard is going to stick around forever. That wouldn't end up well.

Sheldon is his usual insufferable lovable self I don't think Alex is going to tolerate working with him for too long just to be his 'gofer'. I though she wasn't going to buy the gifts for a second there. It seems that she whether thinks Sheldon will come around (Ha!) or she wants to stay there to be close to Leonard. I do think Alex is the catalyst for something to happen to Lenny. Hopefully something good.

Shamy got closer I loved how she let go of all conventions just to please him and how he picked her as her emergency call. They are both coming around to great things and learning what the other needs and are willing to give to the other in detrimental of the self. That mutually assured affection is what keeps couples together in the long term. Great development.

Raj and Stuart keep sharing time together and I like that Raj always try to see the bright side no matter how low things are. His speech was very sweet and I liked that attracted another awkward girl. Hoping things get better for them and who knows maybe we will find out more nerd connections happened that night. Although the "losers!" was funny I still don't like to think of my kind in that way in real life. Hopefully the show will represent that and hopefully even Stuart might end up dating someone as well.

I liked that Howardette addressed their issues. I do wonder if the original plan of Bernardette working while Howard stay at homes will continue to do so. She doesn't seem to be happy working so many hours and it seems that Howard is a terrible housekeeper. Maybe they will try to arrange something else. Howard is the only one without a PHD getting one probably will help him make more money. Of course Bernadette doesn't like kids maybe the solution is for her to stop being the main breadwinner. Howard gets a PHD to earn more money and have their mom taking care of the kids so she wouldn't be lonely anymore. Everyone wins!

I love all this characters and I hope they get the happiest endings possible to them.

4 Bazingas out of 5!

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