Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TBBT.128.617. The Monster Isolation

It was about time we had an episode revolving around Raj. Most of the other characters have reached a comfortable point in their relationships. He is the only one that is struggling with his romantic life, I'm glad the show addressed it at last.

We opened with Sheldon bonding with Penny about his Youtube program Fun with Flags. Say what you want about Penny but she is always trying to be nice to the guys. And even though she is a terrible waitress she does works hard to be a good actress. I'm wondering what is the set up for this. Will Penny have to choose between a big career and moving out of her tiny apartment and Leonard? Is this the source of her ambivalence? Wondering that she might still make it big if she is not attached to our geeky scientist for as long as they live? That would be an interesting season ending cliffhanger: Penny moving to Beverly Hills because she got a contract for a big series. Maybe a sci-fi series so she can hire her boyfriend as the consultant. *fan-fiction idea*

Shamy is going strong. Amy has mastered the art of helping out Sheldon with his social short comings. Of course she still acknowledges the issues in their relationship. I wonder if the "poop throwing" incident has to do with her being a bit stressed out by the lack of sex. I also wonder what she will do if she finds out Sheldon has been lying about that at at work, she probably won't be too happy about it. Lot of things going on behind the scenes for those two, that could potentially shake Shamy up. Let's hope for more good things to come to them after the quarrel.

Howardette seems doing fine supporting his former friend Raj, not much to mention, except that is nice to see how close Raj and Howard still are. He will have his back when he feels like crap and Bernadette will be there for them too.

Raj was his sweet naive self as usual. Started being overconfident to impress her new interest.I'm sure that girl was probably intimidated by him being so together given her issues. It was a tad predictable that she will leave the moment Raj was congratulating himself. But the rest of the storyline was good. I kind of like her character, she did something really rude but eventually pushed herself to make it right and even went to Raj apartment. She seems like a nice girl enough so far. Hoping her and Raj hit it off and whatever comes from it both become better persons from the experience.

I want to mention this time side-characters like Kripke, Alex and Stuart. I do wonder if there is a surprise coming on from those in the love life department. Stuart's depression and money issues had been mentioned a couple of times. Kripke seems to be single although more at peace with this in his life and in a better position with his outstanding work. Alex seems to have stopped her attempts of poaching Leonard so maybe she is seeing someone else we will wait and see.

4 out of 5 Bazingas

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