Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rapunzel. Astronomer

Years ago Dr. Mother Gothel became the director of the Observatory Of Tower City by predicting the appearances of the “yearly lights' with precision.  Rapunzel Towers a grad student Mother took in to mentor had an interesting hypothesis: The lights are man made and there is intelligent life in the other side of the mountain. Gothel ridiculed her in front their fellow scientists and demoted her. She told her, she loved her too much to fire her for her 'stupid mistake' and turned her into her assistant. She forbade her from ever discussing the lights again and  made sure any request for funding went trough her first. Depressed and discouraged she took solace in spending the night shifts looking at the sky with the telescope.
One night Eugene Flint and amateur astronomer  approached her with the same theory. She knew Gothel wouldn't believe him so they decided to go in a  journey to find enough proof that the lights were man made to convince the board of scientists to further fund  their research.
Gothel had been recording Rapunzel's visits, expecting the worst. She discovered years ago she made a mistake, but she didn't wanted to lose her new power and position. Her only option was to suppress any research that proved her wrong.
She followed the pair and in a moment Eugene left for supplies, she convinced Rapunzel that he was going to steal all the credit. With promises of helping her and returning her to her old position she managed to lure her back to the observatory.
But Gothel was planning on murdering her young assistant and make it look like Eugene killed her. Rapunzel back at the office discovered the proof Gothel had been hoarding: years of research kept in files to avoid anyone finding out the truth.
Gothel was ready to strike but Eugene appeared in the right moment, took Rapunzel and locked her in the room calling the police. Gothel decided that she wouldn't want to live without the glory of her position and ended her life before the police opened the door.
Rapunzel  and Eugene shared the credit for their discovery. Rapunzel substituted Gothel as director and her fiance Eugene became his assistant in the new project. Search for Other Mountains Intelligence. SOMI
And they lived Geekily Ever After.

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