Monday, March 11, 2013

TBBT.129.618. The Contractual Obligation Implementation

First things first. STEM majors dressed as Disney princesses? Copycats! Sort of...
Is there is such a thing as a Show Soulmate TBBT is mine.

Yeah I'm crazy...Moving on.

This was a very sweet episode. Leonard trying to encourage more young women to join the hard science and almost twisting the arms of his colleagues was kind of him. We need more of that in real life.

I really can't fault the guys for not wanting to help I mean this guys are willing to forsake sex and food in order to play video games helping their fellow humans? Same category: not the sightless chance.

After some convincing Howard used his 'connections' to help out and there was no 'creepiness in high school' jokes. I think Howard is past that at this point so I was thankful for not going there.

This characters is in spite of their many issues they still try to do their best as citizens and in their personal lives I admire this trait in our geeky gang. Leonard is still not over a lot of her family issues and be constantly compared with his siblings. Howard has more issues than Spiderman, Raj also tries to overcome his uber shyness and Sheldon...Well his problems are biological, a different type of challenge. Yet they all try to rise above their circumstances and find happiness. Is a great example for everyone.

Sheldon as usual was his brilliant annoying self. Is funny, for all the belittling he does and all the mistakes he makes, the guys still respect him, help him and are willing to listen to him even though more belittling comes with the territory. Loved the mention of Marie Curie, although he overplayed the bad part.

His idea of contacting their female counterparts was brilliant and I love the whole "We are encouraged to be pretty but we can be pretty in order to be happy, but we can be pretty and smart too and be happy" part of the argument. Particularly coming from Amy that is going through a second puberty of sorts with the girls and Sheldon.
Raj was really sweet trying to find a way to make Lucy comfortable in their date and it was smart to work around both issues with a texting date in a library. I like that whatever small gestures of encouragement Lucy allows herself to express. Is met with enthusiasm and accomplishment by him. Very understanding of him I'm glad he is giving her the space she needs and I can see this making him grow in her eyes. Although I think he should confess his issues about talking to women so they can bond over their awkwardness.
Is it me or every time a male in this show comes to the women for advice he comes out empty handed?
I will give this episode 5 Bazingas. It was funny, it was cute, it was nice, it was uplifting and it had a lot of heart and princesses! LOVED IT! :)

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