Saturday, March 16, 2013

TBBT.130.619. The Closet Reconfiguration

Leonard was telling the truth.

One will think his wife might be the one telling him the truth, except that would be too obvious. Also Bernadette just saw Howard looking at the pics of his father before he left. It will be too much of a coincidence that the letter also had a pic. She was lying too.

From the girls we got Amy left, unlikely since she is new in the group and Penny who has never be close to Howard. Her also version sounds a lot like a movie and she is an actress.

We know Sheldon was lying. They purposely took away the only one who actually read the letter out of the race in an obvious way.

Raj was obviously lying both because of the last bit of comment and because Howard is Jewish. If this was a you-had-become-a-man letter he would had gotten it at 13 not 18.

That leaves Leonard.
In  other episodes he shared the common bond of father issues with both Howard and Raj and in this one he was talking about how much he has grown. Makes sense he will ask to be the one to tell him the truth.

With the mystery out of the way let's talk about the episode minor details.

Raj needs to get married. Seriously, the guy is pouring husband skills everywhere and has no one that needs them and appreciate them.Since we are in the subject.
I was sad there was no mention of Lucy. I do think they could be a good pair of someone like her. Bonding over their quirks and he can take care of the social duties he likes so much while she can make new friends and take small risks on her time.

For a moment there I though Leonard was going to propose again when he was talking about the dinner party with Penny. He is also ready to get married he talked about Howard step in adulthood with pride and a hint of envy. And the dinner party was a clear indication of his strong desire to change status. He promised Penny not to propose again but then will he wait around forever? I can see Alex being a danger if she shows signs of being ready for commitment too. It would be interesting if there is another crisis coming on for Lenny.

Amy is still very much into Sheldon and still finds his weirdness endearing. Sheldon is also very much into "don't touch me!". So adorable. Progress has been made!

Lovely episode again. Fun, charming and full of heart. 5 bazingas out of 5.

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