Friday, April 12, 2013

TBBT:131.620.The Tenure Turbulence.

I liked this episode although the jokes about Sheldon being blind to politically correctness regarding to race are a bit old at this point. Once a season should be great but now it looks like even the genius Sheldon Cooper cannot make a simple connection or/and at least ask Amy before he interacts with people of races he is not familiar with.

I have to give credit to Amy for incorporating her social skills to their relationship dynamic and to Sheldon to be 'humble' enough to accept her input in an area he should know at this point he lacks. The fact that Sheldon praises her and trusts her is a big step in the right direction for this two and I think she is already used to being the initiator in physical matters. I'm guessing that even if their relationship becomes sexual at some point. Sheldon will ask her to sign a "coitus contract"to regulate their sex life. Hijinks will ensue with discussing clauses and activities if it comes true. I think is also an interesting issue to explore of having the guy being the less interested on sex in the relationship, not many fictional couples have this dynamic.

Penny and Leonard seem to be on a good place she is supportive of his dreams in the best way she can master. Although I do wonder if the fact she thinks her beauty is her only asset to Leonard's career plays up on her insecurities about the relationship. Trophy wife is only fun when you plan to be a trophy wife from the get go, no when you seriously want to have a meaningful marriage. I don't think the season will end without addressing their relationship status at least once more I'm hoping for an engagement.

Howard was a bit mean this episode. I guess since he couldn't apply. The second best was to watch the train-wreck. Let loose a couple of train tracks, grab a chair, the popcorn and let the show begin. He must be bored, jealous or both. Although, knowing how vicious Bernadette can be when she is competing I can see how him just being an spectator was best for all involved.

Is funny I don't remember Raj being a spoiled brat. He is usually humble about coming from money. Maybe part of his issues with women, are because he never gained confidence from actually earning his own money and seat warmers. Also how much he can trash an apartment on his own? A cleaning lady more than twice a week sounds excessive for a single guy with a tiny dog. I was glad to see her again. I'm a cat person but even I find her adorable.

I have to say I'm kind of disappointed on the guys assessment of Kripke. What makes him a jerk? He is in their same footing: Nerdy scientist with some social issues relating to people and women. The only difference is that he doesn't belong to the same group and I will admit his sexual innuendo is very unsettling but is not like he does it to everyone all the time.

In this episode they did the same things Kripke did to gain the tenure position and it seems he at least talked to Janine a couple of times before the exercise scene started. A contrast with our group of nerds that only knew her because of the sexual harassment incident of some episodes ago.
Our guys, had showed prejudice before, when they were making fun of Penny's ex in earlier seasons. I do hope they understand that is not fun when is done to them so its not fun when done to others.

Overall decent episode, not as funny as usual.

3 1/2 Bazingas out of 5.

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