Friday, April 26, 2013

TBBT:132.621. The Closure Alternative

Best opening opening ever in this show. I also was a fan of Heroes, when it ended. If only Smallville would had taken the hint, stupid show...

Anyhow I like how Amy is so hands on right away. Putting her knowledge to work to better Sheldon's life.

One of the many things I share with my beloved Sheldon is a need to know how things end. My idea of hell is an infinite library with every single book ever written in it...with the last page missing. Greek torture for all eternity for me. It was kind hard to watch the treatment. Specially the dominoes, all that job wasted! I feel your pain, Sheldon.

Our poor Amy's needs keep unmet one episode more, poor girl. Sheldon has no idea. The treatment might had been something she learned for herself given her circumstances.  Also did Sheldon had a sort of orgasm caused indirectly by Amy? I'm counting it as getting to third base if you don't mind. SHAMY... SORT OF...DID IT... IN A WAY! YAY SHAMERS!

Lenny is progressing even more. Penny acknowledged how good her life is  at this point. She just needs to accept her natural mellow personality and I think is part of the reason she managed to become friends with our guys and fall for Leonard. She doesn't get impatience or desperate she is  'go with the flow'. That is not a bad trait, never change Penny.

Penny also did some introspection in the episode and confronted some fantasies she had as a little girl. Like the movies she wants to act in as an adult, she needs to let go of the pictures and embrace the more amazing reality. I hope my predictions are right and we finally get the proposal from Penny. I actually though she was going to do it for a moment, but that is season cliffhanger material. Wait and see.

Although Leonard, Buffy? Really? Joss-creates-characters-for-people-to-love-and-then-kills-them-when-they-are-at-their-happiest-Whedon, is not a good universe to introduce any human being with the idea of getting her hooked on. I hope next time he sticks to something less prone to heartbreak, like the Tudors...

Oh Bernadette you little megalomaniac...
Our Howard is still himself even if he is married now. The show wouldn't be the same if he wasn't a bit creepy once in a while. I think Bernadette and him connect in part because they are both a bit weird with social conventions. I can only imagine what kind of kids they will spawn.

I would feel less comfortable about Raj reading Lucy's blog, if it was not for the fact that Lucy published her personal life for all the net to see. Hard to claim privacy invasion when she decided to make it all public.
Raj is so cute when he doesn't get things. I like that he is worried about looking manly even though is not what he is.
The conversation between of Raj and Howard kind of showcased that.  They are all nervous weirdos but, Lucy acknowledges her own quirkiness so he doesn't need to pretend to be a man he is not and she accepts his peculiarities too. They can bond over their own special way to see the world. This two are growing on me a lot. Wishing them a good run.
Although, doggie kisses? Ewww not a dog person here, no matter how cute.
The show was good enough. Not, memorable but good. Can't wait for the cliffhanger.

4 Bazingas out of 5

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