Thursday, May 16, 2013

TBBT:134.623: The Love Spell Potential

Shamy and Racy got closer in this episode. YAY!

So Sheldon is not a virgin anymore. I know, sounds I'm reaching, but read my reasoning. Sheldon has demonstrated countless of times that 'imaginary experiences' are vivid and real to an extreme for him. In fact maybe the reason he has such a hard time connecting with people in the real world is because for him the real world is so intense than the interaction overwhelm him in an unpleasant way.
To expand upon my point, in many episodes he has commented how fun was to imagine other scenarios and worlds even something as dull as flatland was described as exciting for him. In this particular episode his references to how "thrilling' D&D was for him were a crucial part of the leading up to the ending.

If he ended up imagining his character and Amy's engaging in Coitus. I think we can say his feelings and sensations during the role-play were as intense as any experience he had before hand and count as something he never experienced.

It will be interesting to see the aftermath of this experience. Will Sheldon seek more of this kind of interactions? Did he got scared by the intensity of this experience and seek distance? Will Amy add a weekly D&D private game to their relationship agreement?

I think this two are growing together in their relationship at a nice pace and I loved how Sheldon offered some comfort to his girlfriend even if Amy wasn't expecting it from him. I love this couple and I hope that when they consummate in this realm, it will be satisfying for them and us as well.

Howardette was low key since they had their development episode last week. Lenny as well was very sweet and low key too. Probably saving the most screen time for the season finale.

I think I can officially start calling Raj and Lucy: Racy.
They did great this episode. I liked that Raj talked to Lucy a lot more, and tried to understand her and even to help her to achieve her goals and learn to be more assertive. A bit condescending of her to use the "He doesn't get our ways" argument to get out of the situation with the waiter, but Raj takes everything with such a good nature that it didn't even registered. He overdid the pushing her out of her comfort zone, of course, but he himself is not the smoothest guy in the planet. This is a great couple with their ups and downs and weaknesses and strength to work around.
The moment in the dumpster was both funny and heartwarming and I loved that they finally kissed. Awkwardly and cute.
I think in many ways they are the mirror couple to Shamy. Raj might have some issues but not as much as Lucy who seems to be the Sheldon in the relationship.
I know they didn't announced Lucy as "the one' when she entered the show. Just another love interest but I do think this couple has material to work with and be a good addition to the dynamics of the group. I guess we need to wait and see how she interacts with the gang once she feels comfortable enough to meet them.

I can't wait! Long live to Racy.

Loved this episode 4 1/2 Bazingas out of 5

TBBT: 133.622. The Proton Resurgence

So much potential *lesigh*

I was underwhelmed by this episode. Clearly a filler, but this show has had better fillers than this one, much better ones.
Maybe I was over-hyped by the presence of Bob Newhart guest starring, but in the end the plot was predictable and not much character development happened to the rest of the cast. In fact I think we had character regression. I mean Penny never has been this clueless.

It seems they were going for heartwarming when Sheldon gave his speech about "You were my only friend", supported by Leonard declaring all the scientist he helped inspired, but I saw this coming a mile away and it's been done before by many other shows. It doesn't hold the emotional power it once did.
The rest felt more like a clips show of all the characters most recognizable traits. Sheldon has issues sleeping and bothers poor Leonard. Leonard is lucky to have landed a girlfriend as pretty as Penny. The broken elevator is a pain in the neck to climb for the elderly and injured. Overused jokes are not funny after a while.

Professor Proton 'conflict' was a bit hard to buy too. Inspiring young people to enter a STEM career is a necessary and noble pursue so I find hard to believe than having a TV show forbid him for working for real in his field once it was cancelled. Now I could be wrong and scientists could be a bunch of elitists pricks that don't respect anyone that tries to bring science to new minds. In which case I read this wrong and God help us all.

I did liked Professor Proton as character, but not what they did with him. I also loved how Leonard supposedly knows how to act 'normal', but he was all the way behind Sheldon's crazy ideas like the calendar.

I also enjoyed Howardette and Raj. They got an interesting take on the idea of having a baby of their own which is good character progression for them as individuals and as a married couple and Raj got to show up his cute and over pampered Cinnamon.

I don't think I can hate any episode of this series but this was seriously close.

2 Bazingas out of 5.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Geek mom of the Month: Merit Ptah

Sorry couldn't find a decent pic of her and settled for generic Egyptian doctors, meh...

I wanted to do something a bit 'vintage' this month. Merit Ptah is to this date the first female named scientist in all the history of humankind. Born in ancient Egypt around 2700 BCE she was the Chief Physician, according to the inscription done by her son on a tomb in the necropolis near the step pyramid of Saqqara.

Of course this is a bit of a controversial title. In Ancient Egypt there was no separation of science and religion and superstition. Even her name means Beloved of Ptah, a God.

Nevertheless this is the same civilization that created very sophisticated mummification techniques impressive even to modern Egyptologists. It would be unfair to measure them with the strict modern standards of science when they had their own way to deal with their knowledge of the human body.

Ancient Egypt was one of the few civilizations that allowed a high level of freedom and independence to the women in their society. Egyptian women could receive education, work, be represented in court, get equal pay for equal work, inherit land, own businesses and receive compensation in case of divorce, whether it was male or female initiated. The Egyptians also passed the 'divinity' of their rulers through women's blood. Any man desiring to be the Pharaoh had to marry a female with direct royal blood, sometimes even if this woman was his sister or daughter. They also allowed women to rule. True not as Queens, but as co-rulers or bearing the title of Divine Wife. But some like Hatshepsut, managed to take the place of the male Pharaoh by using their attributes during rituals and official appearances.

We know little about Merit Ptah but the fact that she managed to mark her place in history as a doctor surely deserves to be remembered by all generation of mothers and scientist in the world.
Deservedly so, The International Astronomical Union named the impact crater Merit Ptah on Venus after her.
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