Thursday, May 16, 2013

TBBT: 133.622. The Proton Resurgence

So much potential *lesigh*

I was underwhelmed by this episode. Clearly a filler, but this show has had better fillers than this one, much better ones.
Maybe I was over-hyped by the presence of Bob Newhart guest starring, but in the end the plot was predictable and not much character development happened to the rest of the cast. In fact I think we had character regression. I mean Penny never has been this clueless.

It seems they were going for heartwarming when Sheldon gave his speech about "You were my only friend", supported by Leonard declaring all the scientist he helped inspired, but I saw this coming a mile away and it's been done before by many other shows. It doesn't hold the emotional power it once did.
The rest felt more like a clips show of all the characters most recognizable traits. Sheldon has issues sleeping and bothers poor Leonard. Leonard is lucky to have landed a girlfriend as pretty as Penny. The broken elevator is a pain in the neck to climb for the elderly and injured. Overused jokes are not funny after a while.

Professor Proton 'conflict' was a bit hard to buy too. Inspiring young people to enter a STEM career is a necessary and noble pursue so I find hard to believe than having a TV show forbid him for working for real in his field once it was cancelled. Now I could be wrong and scientists could be a bunch of elitists pricks that don't respect anyone that tries to bring science to new minds. In which case I read this wrong and God help us all.

I did liked Professor Proton as character, but not what they did with him. I also loved how Leonard supposedly knows how to act 'normal', but he was all the way behind Sheldon's crazy ideas like the calendar.

I also enjoyed Howardette and Raj. They got an interesting take on the idea of having a baby of their own which is good character progression for them as individuals and as a married couple and Raj got to show up his cute and over pampered Cinnamon.

I don't think I can hate any episode of this series but this was seriously close.

2 Bazingas out of 5.

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