Monday, June 10, 2013

Dr. Snow White. Geneticist

White Labs were in the edge of bankruptcy. Mrs. Queen White took over her late husband lifework and used all of White Labs resources to find the fountain of youth testing the genes of different plants and animals. But this was not a scientific endeavor to help the world but a personal obsession to her: being young and beautiful forever, the fairest of them all.

Her stepdaughter, encouraged to protect her father's memory, completed her education as geneticist and managed to get a small budget to work in the industry using a few shares her father left on her name.

Snow White, outsourced a huge part of her research with underground geneticists The seven dwarfs. To protect her work from the clutches of her step mother.
After seven years of research she stumbled upon a rare compound extracted from a genetically manipulated apple. The substance extended telomeres in the living cells and repaired the damages done by aging. 
Sadly Dr. Hunter, Queen's main scientist was keeping a close watch in the young girl and upon hearing her discovery alerted the Queen. Both attacked the young girl with the intention to steal her research, destroy her lab and silence her by any means necessary.
During the struggle Snow swallowed the only sample of the compound to keep it away from her stepmother. Hunter in rage stroke her and she fell down bumping her head. They both though she was dead and decided to hide the body in the freezer while they though what to do with her.
Mrs White decided to take her heart to test the chemicals in it and see if they could replicate the formula.

Fortunately Snow colleagues, the seven dwarfs, suspected the worst when they didn't heard from her and rushed from their underground lab to find Snow White. They discovered the body, but found out she still had a heart beat and took the body with them. Before they left, they managed to hack into Snow White's computer and extract her research leaving the Queen empty handed once more.

They contacted and old friend Dr. Prince specialist in Molecular phylogenetic and taking a sample from her lips found a way to replicate the formula and brought the young scientist back to life and denounced .
Mrs White managed to blame it all in the hunter and he was arrested while she remained free.
Dr. Prince and Snow White kept working together and fell in love. Their wedding present to the world was release the formula patent free. Queen upon hearing that she won't be the fairest of them all. Given that everyone would have access to the formula committed suicide eating a poisoned apple of her own making. 

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