Sunday, June 16, 2013

Movie Review: Man of Steel

Super-Franchise Launched

I liked it. I didn't loved it but it was good and I will watch it again. Here is my review, spoilers included.

The Good

OMG Superman can fight! This was the action movie we had been waiting for since Donner movies. He used his powers well and the punches, flips, flying scenes were exciting and done in a creative way nothing you had seen before. They also effectively conveyed the threats that could actually kill Superman and how great were the feats he could accomplish. I loved the way they built it up with small saving scenes to lead up to big show down. To end with a bang by fighting the big boss Zod.
Henry Cavill is one of the best Superman's to date, Christopher Reeve is still number one but he is very close to him. He is gorgeous and has a noble quietness to him that fits the character. He also has a sense of wonder, loneliness and uncertainty. He really sold me as the "Alien" in our planet and that cares for us. I can't wait to see him more in character as both Clark Kent: reporter and as Superman.

Lois Lane is by far the best incarnation of the character. They managed to convey she was both successful, smart, and accomplished. But she also possessed integrity, warm, courage and a good head in her shoulders. The way she quickly bond with her 'mystery man' was believable and charming. The moment when Clark calls him “a friend' and smiles to himself. Shows that he also felt the connection to one of the few humans that accepted his alien origin and still though on protect his secret at her expense.

I kissed an alien and I liked it...

No triangle for two: About time. Its charming the first few 20 years but after a while you get to, like Lois and Clark TV show put it “The most galactically stupid woman in all history” I'm okay with Perry and the others members of the planet staff not knowing. But after being face to face with the man so many times Lois not knowing was kind of silly. I never liked love triangles so I might be biased, though.

The bad
They stole Queen Amidala's old clothes! No wonder Krypton exploded. The Nabooans are that serious about fashion

The editing needed work.
The flying sound worked in some scenes others was odd.
It dragged a bit specially the Krypton scenes. It  slowed down the movie and if you think about it you could had edited out ten minutes of it with no changes in the plot.
Plot needed some work. So they had been sending technology for thousands of years that is not only, always compatible with the new ones (try to use a floppy disc in a laptop and see what I mean) but that had the capacity to create new Kryptonian planets and they just went Kaboom without trying to emigrate to other planets?
My fanwank is that they are setting this for future alien villains, or the Kryptonians eliminated self preservation from their genes while breeding kids ala Matrix.
Pa Kent heroic death was very lame Clark should had said “I'm the goddamn Superman and I will save you even if you ground me forever” I do think I know what happened though more on that later.
So Superman is pregnant with thousand of Kryptonians? Ok.
The ending was anti climatic the last scene should had been of Superman going to save the day. Maybe he even flying. It was kind of “What? The movie ended there? For real?”

The Ugly
"Not Jennifer Connelly. Get me some ketchup for the scenery I'm about to eat..."

Hollywood Executive: “So Russell Crowe we want you in our Man of Steel movie”
Russel Crowe: “Thank you, Superman should be played by an Oscar winner like me”
H.E: “Errr you are kind of too...old to play him.”
RC: “Old...I'm going to punch you right on...”
HE: “But we got a better role for you: his father...”
RC: “Unless you make the role to embody all my Awards winning roles Savior of Krypton, genius scientist with a hot wife, but that can also fight like a warrior I'm out”
HE whispers to his assistant “How many Awards do we need to make this movie legit?”
Assistant: “At least 10, sir”
HE: “We can rewrite the script in 24 hours: lots of lines, plots revolves around you and... Your screen-time would be second only to Superman”
RC: “ Add an heroic death and you got yourself a deal”
HE: “Deal”
Kevin Costner “I want a heroic death too!”
HE “You got awards?!”
KC “Yes”
HE “Deal!”
Henry Cavill “What.... do I get?”
HE “Sorry pal we only have villain's and lame lines left...and you are the hero so...Better luck in the sequel”

4 stars out of 5. Really good and entertaining but could had done away with some stuff. I can't wait for the sequel!

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