Wednesday, July 3, 2013

TBBT:135.624. The Bon Voyage Reaction


This was a marvelous ending for this season. Penny and Leonard said their good byes and "I love you" like the most normal couple in the world. A delight to watch. I liked how they did mentioned again the M word and we again had Penny being the one in control. I think the distance will be revealing like last time and we are going to have a new development.

I do wonder if Shamy is stalling them. I mean Leonard moving in or marrying Penny would be a huge step and Shamy had to get ready to move in together or marry themselves. The solution Could be Raj or Stuart becoming the new roommate if Lenny gets married.

This episode revolved more about Raj lack of love life, about time. It needed extra attention and all our couples pretty much had their own developments in previous episodes. Chuck Lorre understands, how everything needs their time and space in order to flow organically.

Amy showed a lot of nobility offering herself as the ambassador for the group to make Lucy feel more comfortable. Although it was a disaster the gesture was nice.

I do hope that since Amy was socially challenged growing up and managed to break her shell in the group. She can try and track down Lucy and convince her to give Raj another chance. We shy, awkward girls need to support each other.

Raj needs to understand that social anxiety takes time. Maybe he should had suggested adding her friends on Facebook to get familiar with them. Talking over the phone for one minute or two before real world interaction would had created a similar safe situation for Lucy to start becoming part of the group. He seems to assume that since she is comfortable with him she should be with his friends.
My heart did broke for him when she didn't showed up at the party. I love that he wanted all his friends to know. This is one of the most close groups in comedy I had ever seen.

I hope for next season Lucy comes back I think she and Raj make a cute couple and I hate to waste a portmanteau name like "Racy".
I also hope we get to see more of Lenny progressing they are in a make or break stage and should move on forward. Sheldon  also needs to learn to be less petty and more affectionate in real life with Amy.
Bernadette and Howard should start the family planning next season and it would be good to see how that will affect the group's interaction. Also I cannot imagine what kind of grumpy pregnant woman Bernadette can be. Surely very funny to watch.

Overall 4 1/2 Bazingas out of 5.

September can't come soon enough.

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