Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My baby came with the Endeavor

I was due in October 15 (My dad's birthday!) but my mother warned me, told me to monitor anything out of the ordinary. In her four pregnancies sometimes she didn't felt the labor pains until the last minute. I had my clothes packed and ready with me in every hospital visit from week thirty three just to make sure.
I wanted a natural birth and I even told my husband I was going to try and go without painkillers. He of course stared at me like I was insane and repeated what he told me many times during our courtship: “Bastow's boys come sideways and twisted like a pretzel, also our head size is hat sizes labels say one size fits most” I, of course, rolled my eyes trusting my Dominican genes will make this prophecy null and I will deliver naturally a beautiful mixed baby with ease and grace.
I lost my plug in the day nine or ten but nothing happened until the night of eleven. Around nine pm I though I broke water. Just a drip but I read, sometimes starts similarly. I should had gotten ready to go but since I didn't felt any pains I though I could watch the new episode of The Big Bang Theory before I headed to the hospital. I knew I how busy things will be with a newborn at home, so I might as well watch it before hand.
I know I'm insane.
Luckily after finishing the show's episode The Higgs Boson Observation and telling my husband I though I broke water. I took a quick shower and in less than fifteen minutes we arrived at the Kaiser Permanente hospital. I must add they did an excellent job. Great facilities, great treatment and great service. No complains at all.
My water didn't broke after all, but I did had contractions, which I didn't felt, so in normal situation I would had probably being sent home and told to wait for stronger ones and come back.
But oh the irony! They discovered the baby was breech. My husband didn't laughed but I'm sure he though about it.
Manually turn the baby from the outside was out of the question: My belly was too narrow. I wanted the natural birth mostly because I scar very ugly. Under the circumstances though, I was not going to mess with the way the baby wanted to come into this world out of vanity.
I was not amused about the C-Section

Anyhow, they scheduled my Cesarean the day after early morning because I I had a big dinner which is a risk in case I threw up, which I never do. Not even pregnant but doctor's orders. At seven the doctors checked on me and gave my husband a funny looking suit, with a protective hat. They gave me one too.
The procedure went quick and simple the pricked me with the needle in the back while I holding a pillow. Tested if I felt something in my back, when I said no they quickly tied me up in the operating table and put a curtain to cover my lower half. I was a bit disappointed I wanted to look at the process, but I though it was too late to ask. I did requested to take a look at the placenta afterwards. It resembled a giant kidney or liver. Didn't looked like something I would eat.
I felt some pulls and before I realized it they showed me a big head over the curtain with some blood in his nose. I knew I had a boy from the sonogram but my first though was “He looks pink!”
In DR is common for interracial couples to have pale and white kids but I didn't though they could come on crayola pink.
Still crying they put him on my chest, he immediately latched in my boob and started to suck from it like a shark devouring a seal.
I think that was the most I had seen him cry, ever. At least before he got sick (post for another day).
He was so beautiful and soft. I felt in love, a love I never knew before.
The same weekend the Endeavor made its way towards California Science Center. We had a TV in our room where we could see the local channels showing every movement of the shuttle coming home to our beautiful state.
It was so fun to watch people lining up and camping to see it pass and how the news reported how much it moved.
“The Endeavor moved four inches! The crowd goes wild!”
I haven't seen that much excitement in the Southern California streets, since we had that big rock on its way to LACMA.
Aside from watching this event while the baby fed. I spent the mandatory three days, calling the nurses for every freak out I had over anything I didn't had prior experience.
I also tried to remember some of the things newborns did from when my mom brought home all my siblings, during my childhood. Hubby and I spent almost twelve wet tissues in our first ever diaper change so I was kind of rusty.
The baby had a good latch so the feeding was easy. He was usually quiet, except when the nurses came in. Since he was born over nine pounds they were worried he might diabetic. They came to take blood samples every three or four hours for the first twenty four hours of his life. Kind of a sad welcome to the world, but necessary. He doesn't has diabetes thank goodness.
I was still mad about not having the natural birth I dreamed, but then I heard his weight and that his head size was in the top ninety five percentile I was like “Thank you God!”
Newborn hats fits most...

I joke that baby was smarter than mommy realizing he didn't fit down there he turned around or else I would still be in hospital. We also joke that he came with a superpower: he can kill Macbeth! There was a lot of silver linings to this C-Section and the scar is not even that big. Even if it was I got a baby out it, totally worth it.
I'm plan to take Orion to see the shuttle at some point and tell him that both of them share their birthday.
If there was any doubt our baby will be a nerd prince, there is none now.

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