Saturday, November 2, 2013

TBBT.136.701. The Hofstadter Insufficiency

My favorite show is back!

We started with a bang as usual. Sheldon over active imagination making him dream Leonard getting eaten by a Kraken.
I always liked the way the show introduces special effects. Subtlety and enhancing a funny concept and this first episode delivered the visuals as usual.

I expected a predictable beginning of the season with Leonard pining away for Penny in the cold waters of the Arctic wishing he was back in sunny Southern California. Man I got served. Leonard is a scientist first and is a great break on his normal sort-of-there self, see him so into the whole culture of the job for a change. Nothing is more satisfactory than a group of your peers talking and laughing and sharing the same jokes. Leonard often times show little personality next to Penny. So it was nice watching him relaxed and enjoying himself. As much as I love Lenny I think often times a time apart does wonders for them.

I found a bit petty of Penny to expect Leonard to not have fun because they were apart. I guess it was a bit of trying to project her own feelings on the matter still she wants him to succeed and be happy, good thing it lasted little. Sheldon being petty about Leonard not missing him is business as usual.

I did liked that Sheldon opened to Penny about his secret and how much it hurts him  when Penny though nothing of it. Penny apologizing and hugging him broke the cutemeter. Well done show.

Raj was missing Lucy which I liked, but Lucy is not back which I didn't. I'm not sure how I feel about the romantic potential of Janine with Raj. I don't think they have chemistry and  Can you imagine a well adjusted mature and successful woman sharing Chinese food with the group? Yeah me neither, but this brought back my faith on TV series again, so who knows maybe they will surprise me again.

My favorite part for last.

Amy and Bernardette together sharing time and ideas and fighting with each other. Amy was excited to be the center of attention without actually implying that her feelings for Sheldon are just out of desperation. I like that when show takes its time to make it clear once in a while. Is true that this two girls came together almost by accident but slowly are growing closer. I do hope this is the beginning of more interactions surprising interactions.

I laughed my head off at the closing scene with Penny's shower scene, in that B-movie, BTW.

Overall great beginning, lots of promises and wonderful use of the already established relationships with a twist.

5 Bazingas out of 5!

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