Monday, February 10, 2014

Amy and Sheldon. Dissection of a perfect kiss

I know I haven't been working on my Big Bang Theory posts but I had been so busy with the book that is hard to find time to comment and recap. But this milestone is too amazing not to write about. SHELDON KISSED AMY! 
It took me totally for surprise. Traditionally TBBT Valentine's day are about Penny and Leonard. Later they split 'couples screen time” with Howard and Bernadette. And of course Raj and sometimes Stuart lack of love life gets showcased. Whatever was left was usually a mix of Amy wants more closeness from Sheldon and gets frustrated but eventually they reach middle ground and that was Valentine's day for the show. Not bad but not that exciting after a while. 
This one, surprisingly, was all about Shamy and it was perfect. This kiss was so amazing because the foundation for it has been laid down for a long time. Ever since Amy started to develop a physical attraction for Sheldon, and he has been slowly catching up to her. 
We had gotten hints of things to come for a while now. The Amy's spanking was one of them. Even though it was one sided the first time. it evolved to something more significant once Sheldon got drunk at Thanksgiving. He actually slapped Amy spontaneously like her dad used to do to his mother when he was watching a game. 
We kind of forget that even though Sheldon never actually had a relationship before, he has seen the dynamics of one on his parents since he was young. I find very believable that he is slowly recalling all this events in his subconscious thanks to his interaction with Amy. Amy also had a moment fantasizing of him kissing her, another hint of the kiss coming this season.
But now let's talk about the episode that will live in TV history forever. The setting was the usual: Sheldon doesn't want to do anything on Valentine's day because he is not into that. Amy finds a way to convince him using one of the things he finds the most enjoyable: Trains. She brings him the comfort of trusted friends so he won't feel offended by random strangers. When she lays down her plan, Sheldon is so pleased with her ideas that he mentions that he has a desire to hug her. 
Even though the moment passes and Amy ends up frustrated as usual, is remarkable that it was Sheldon the one that expressed this desire. Foreshadowing that he is indeed growing more comfortable with affectionate touch towards his girlfriend. 
As a slightly side note. Is also very interesting that Leonard mentioned to Penny that they could 'do it' in Sheldon's spot. She called it the least sexy thing anyone had said to her but then I wonder: Is that a hint of where Amy and Sheldon will eventually engage in coitus? I mean it makes total sense since this is his spot, the most comfortable place in the house for him and also the most personal. That will be in character, IMO. If it happens I totally called it :p 
The interaction that led to the kiss is very special. Amy is feed up with Sheldon paying more attention to his new friend instead of spending time with her like she planned. She finally calls him on how rude he is being. I love her choice of words here“I deserve romance” 
For the longest time there had been assumptions that the only reason Amy puts up with Sheldon's lack of affection is because she thinks she cannot do better. In a previous episode, when she had the chance to try something with someone else I think it showed that even though Sheldon is far from perfect she loves him. Amy sincerely thinks that the good outweighs the bad on her boyfriend. She knows she deserves all those nice things she always wanted. And she knows now that she can have that with someone else, yet she still wants it from Sheldon. He is the man she desires, the man of her choice. Her relationship with him is coming from a personal conviction, intellectual admiration and strong attraction, no low self stem. 
In this scene she also owns the fact that she had no idea how to make him respond. And she decided to create a safe enjoyable experience, hoping for the best. Sheldon acknowledges, in his own way, that she does deserve some romance even though he finds it annoying and pointless. He could had easily go for making her feel bad about the setting or just leaving with his new friend. Instead he approaches of the situation with “Let's get this over with” which is very Sheldon of him. 
Sheldon takes previous steps that ended up in the kiss. He checks his mental list of “Romantic gestures” and remembers the wine. I not a coincidence that he takes Amy's cup: He is already comfortable with bodily fluids interactions with his lady love.  After taking a sip he is very open about how much he didn't liked the taste. He calls it “grape juice that burns!" with disgust. 
He then proceeds to give another step towards closeness. His mental list has staring in each other eyes, next. He misses the point of it by treating it as a staring contest and breaks it off as soon as he can because again he is not enjoying any of this. "You blinked I win". 
Next in his mental list is kissing. Of course he proceeds mechanically, pressing his lips on Amy probably waiting for the annoyance to hit it so he can move on. But then something unexpected happens: He is not annoyed, and you can see Jim playing this mental breakthrough masterfully, not only that is actually enjoyable for him. Instead of breaking it off he takes a step further inside Amy's personal space. But staying there is not enough,he craves more physical contact and places his hands on her hips. He is leading the kiss. Go, Sheldon Go!
Another dimension to the chemistry of our beloved couple is the fact that Amy doesn't try to touch Sheldon herself. She understands that Sheldon gets easily overwhelmed by physical contact and that trying to get more of him after he finally enjoys the kiss might be too much. Even though she clearly is struggling not to touch him she, and Amy matches Jim's performance here, rather lifts her hands to allow Sheldon stay in his comfort zone during the kiss. 
She recognizes that she enjoyed the kiss without making a big deal out of it. That keeps both of them in the moment and allows Sheldon to decide what to do next, in this case he asks her come with him. A perfect way to keep bonding with her by keeping her in proximity, wonderful ending to this moment. Kudos to all involved!
I saw some comments by people worried that Sheldon will lose his quirky weird charm but if anything I think it will add more quirks and charm to him. I'm looking forward to the relationship agreement amendment for physical intimacy. Maybe a weekly five second kiss, a one second hug once a month and hand holding in special occasions. 
I really think it was due time for this to happen and I hope this will open the doors for a lot of more intimacy in the unique Shamy way. Now to re watch that scene again! 


Anonymous said...

Wepaaa go Shamy!!! Interesante análisis a toda la situación.

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