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Growing in Dominican Republic for the longest time I thought something was wrong with me. I preferred Screech to Zack in Saved by the Bell. I rather went to a library than to a discotheque, not that I can dance with another person. I rather read a book than play Baseball (although I was a good batter I couldn’t throw my way out of a paper bag).
I would read the very few comic books I could gather and even saved money for purchasing them, when a friend with a relative in USA decided to sell them to me.
I used to save my lunch money for school to go to the library and use the Internet as much as I could. Sometimes I waited out the other shift because you were supposed, to navigate several times, once is not enough for a geek fix.

The first thing I bought when I got my first job was a computer. The second thing an international credit card to buy comics and geeky products I couldn’t get at my country, online. I was one of the very few clients that bought the few science magazines available in my country. Titles like Muy Interesante (I used to collect the astrophysics articles since I wanted to be a physicist) Sky and telescope and later on the odd SCIAM number. I used to wake up at two in the morning to watch the re-runs of Star Trek: TNG in the only cable channel showing them at that point in my country. I skipped classes at college to watch X-Men cartoons…

I couldn’t quite figured it out why I did all that. Neither anyone ever told me that this was normal for our species, till one day watching Discovery Channel I realized it!
In my defense I didn’t needed glasses back then, hard to tell us apart without those.

This blog is a way to connect with all the nerdy moms and moms-to-be out there. Raising our children in the modern world is tough enough. I wanted to share my own experiences with toys, books, TV programs, movies and save some time and tears to other mothers.

There is a lot of info out there and is hard to make choices. I want to help with that.

I also find myself baffled by the first world definition of nerd. There is a whole nation of people around the world, as crazy about geeky pursuits as any American, but that they don't have access to all the things they desire (Comics, the latest gadgets, DVD's...) so I want to show a bit of how we define our geekyness when there are limitations of budgets, but the same level of passion and love.

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