This is the page to vent about our favorite issues being destroyed by creators that don’t do their homework or worse do it too much. We shall start with:

I was afraid to talk about this. This movie makes me so angry. But the recent win of Ang Lee for the adaptation of Life of Pi has removed the repressed memories and there is no better way to take power away from a painful experience than to put it on words. At least for me.
I'm a huge Hulk fan and I before he destroyed it I was a huge Ang Lee fan too. In fact when they announced he was going to do the Hulk I couldn't be more happy. Back then it was not that common that Academy nominated and winners took the helm of comic book movies and since he did such a great job adapting Sense and Sensibility and I loved the marvelous Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon I though we hit the jackpot.
I used to be member of the Corona forums back them before Cinescape bought them and we had access to test shots, set pictures and other goodies.The casting choices seemed to be perfect, wonderful recognized authors and the music score promised to be memorable. I was excited.
I went to the movie theater opening night with all the anticipation of a fan seeing her dream come true and I expected to be blown out of my mind... until I watched the movie.
This is not a rant about how I immediately hated  it or how much I loved until I started to think back and things started to disappoint me about the plot ala Black Swan. My only emotion after the movie ended was ???
Yes just ???
I had no idea what to feel. I had the impression that someone gave me a puzzle of images, dialogs and scenes and I was supposed to put them back together into a full picture and decide what to think about it.
And think about it was what I did, for over a year.
I read many critics and reviews, trying to find some hook to understand what it was missing in the movie. It seems that Lee was a media darling and everyone concentrate on the 'depth of the movie' I know it was deep, but not everything deep fits the same way in every media. The wikipedia entry documents, that Lee discarded the original script and asked for a rewrite. I saw the behind the scenes too and a nagging feeling of dread started to creep in my mind when I saw Ang Lee's doing the Hulk movements to model the CGI.
One day I found one of my favorite Hulk comic books in one of my comic book boxes. The one where he remembers that her father used to beat her mother and he killed her in front of him.
Then it hit me: This was not a Hulk movie but a movie about Ang Lee's father issues dressed as Hulk. Finally I had an answer and then the feeling was of anger, deep growing Greek God levels of anger. He changed everything and though we wouldn't notice.
Glenn Talbot is not a psycho-sadist-maniac, he is a good follow orders soldier that sadly is also in love with Betty Ross.
Betty is not a 'scared little girl that sits across daddy (or any male) and begs to be loved' She is a strong scientist and she knows that her dad is not perfect and needs a slap once in a while to come to his senses.
General Ross doesn't use personal ideas about genetics or nature to abuse his power. He is just treating The Hulk as any mass menace and in fact once retired he is open to see things Banner's and Betty's way as a civilian.
Bruce's father was an abuser that regularly beat the crap out of his wife and who killed her when she was about to leave him. Not the tragic scientist that killed her by accident when she was trying to save his son (and really if he was going to experiment on himself couldn't he had used a condom, brilliant scientist indeed). And last.
Bruce IS the tragic hero. He doesn't like the hulk, he doesn't feel good losing control. He had a happy, sort of normal life with his memories repressed, fell in love with Betty and aside from his ambitions as a scientist he was your average Joe. His problems started with the accident, it brought his issues to surface with a big helping of gamma rays powers. We feel sorry for Bruce, we feel his tragedy. The redeeming quality of the Hulk is that he never asked to be this. He lost his life and dreams and his journey and penance is to try to find a way to cure or control this monster. That is what made him a hero worth following back in the 60's. No one can sympathize with a murderous psycho that is just one clueless waiter away from ripping your head off.
This is the key of why Hulk didn't worked: he was basically a villain. A bully waiting for the wrong thing to happen to destroy everything in sight. And Bruce was not the hero on his own, you wouldn't root for him to go back to normal because as normal he was emotionally stunted with few redeeming qualities. There was no Dr Jekill to balance Mr Hyde.
Obviously Lee's father has the megalomaniac pushing his son traits of David Banner and he felt he could use it as stand in for the monster and his son in this movie. But frankly an award winner director could had wrote the script for “Green Giant with daddy issues” and get funding and have us fans find someone else to do their homework, understand the character and give us a good Hulk movie, like Edward Norton did (blessed he be).
The Incredible Hulk is not the best comic book adaptation but, is at least a Hulk movie. Was that so hard to do Lee?
The worst part is that he though we wouldn't notice. We fans are so stupid that daddy issues is just general psychocrap, and if I have a green giant, stick the names of the Hulk's characters in it and add some comic book panels they would be happy.
Yeah duh we are that stupid...NOT!
I really hope that whatever issues he had, he managed to get over with this movie. I would hate to think that the most expensive therapy session in movie story, was also useless on top of that.
And as to Lee I hope he never touches another comic book franchise ever. One has to wonder what issues he would like to work with using someone else's mythology. Stupid director.


My only abusive relationship

I wish I could write a logic piece analyzing bit by bit how the writers broke the contract with the audience they established in the pilot.
I’m a writer myself (in Spanish, English is not my first language as you probably can tell in my bad grammar) and I studied for years creative writing, plot points, Chekhov guns, the journey of the hero and the heroine….so many other treaties about the art of writing and if the writers really think they did their job I pity any new fans that engage into their projects because they lack basic storytelling skills.
But I can’t. I’m still mourning.
The connection the first five years created with these characters and I was strong and powerful, and it was downhill from them on and in the end they just destroyed it, to a point that all I can feel is rage thinking about it. I wish I could be more rational about it, is just a TV show that no one will remember in 10 years (maybe because of the horrible ending), but I can’t.
I was in love with Smallville.
I usually call it my only abusive relationship, always believing the promise that the good times will come back and kept coming back for more mistreatment almost every week, like a beating husband that brings you flowers and promises not to hurt you again and you forgive because you are in love, but then the beatings continue coming and in the end you end up dead.
This is what Smallville did to me. It killed my faith on TV series. I missed Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Enterprise and jumped ship on Heroes as soon as things started to get strange.
TBBT is my second chance at loving TV series again and I warily got into it. I have to admit that Star Trek: TNG is for me the perfect TV series, thus having their crew guest starring in it has helped with my healing process and this is after five years of avoiding it.
My other perfect TV series Pushing Daisies was canceled. There are many other great series that also suffered the same faith so is obvious that TV shows are stale like Hollywood movies are becoming now with nothing new or original just rehash, unlikeable characters and bad writing that they cannot see it for the life of themselves.
The biggest sin was the travesty they done, e.g.: The work was done yesterday.”>did by destroying 10 years of character development and reasoning by erasing Lex Luthor’s memory of his knowledge of Clark Kent. The show was leading out to the idea that Lex does know, the identity of Superman but, chooses not to reveal it. Totally in character I mean this would be the biggest card any villain will have against Superman who would waste it without a good enough reason Lex could have forever tortured Superman emotionally; visiting Martha Kent often, sending him pictures of him with his friends as Clark, making jokes about having a “secret” while visiting the planet… it would had been a goldmine of creativity.
Alternatively, they could have gone the Xavier/Magneto route: Two old friends separated by a completely different vision of the world. Maybe having sharing a conversation once in a while, maybe Lex hoping to win Superman over the dark side or maybe even trying to win against him without using the blackmailing just to prove that he was as good as him. Again, endless possibilities, but not they choose the easy way out for the sake of a continuity long gone.
Don’t even get me started on Chloe Sullivan who I was happy that survived the show, but that was left ambiguous anyway (continuity failure) as to why we never heard from ever before if this is the Superman of the mythos.
I really hope the producers and writers of Smallville are really happy about being part of the many problems I have with TV that led me to quit for so long. For as much as they say this is the planned ending for the last 10 years I would love to see the original planned ended script or layout, I’m pretty sure it was totally different.
This viewer, that was willing to purchase the special 10 seasons package of Smallville if only the ending would have been…decent. Is going to take her disposable income and investing on good stories and people that are willing to actually do their homework and keep their promises.
I know I will never invent a time machine because I would have warned my past self not to start watching this crap in 2001 if I had the chance, stupid show.

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